Israel apologizes for one of most popular videos on youtube.

Shortly after the world attacked Israel for defending itself by resisting the knife-wielding peace flotilla, the government released a brilliant comedy video, We con the world. The you tube video has gotten over two and a half million hits  as of today( it was posted by numerous people on youtube besides the government) from those who want to hear Israel’s side of things.

After an outcry from the Israel-haters, the government apologized for its PR coup.

The overwhelming number of comments on the video were very supportive.

However, three terrorists complained saying it was ruining their image.

Hence, the government decided to apologize.

Update: 16 June 2010. The Israeli government took down the link to the video on youtube after pressure from the company that owns the rights to the song We are the world. However, numerous viewers reposted it. Here is one of many links to it.

Watch the video:


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