It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, right?

Mr. Wilders is bored.

Oh, boy.

The left is going nuts in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Geert Wilders, the man the media loves to hate, has won the heart of the Dutch people who are sick and tired of the crap that they have been forced to swallow by the ruling parties.

His party, PVV, Party of Freedom, took 22 seats in this election.  The Liberal Party, which is conservative ( if it sounds insane remember this is the Netherlands), got 31 seats. The Labor Party got 30 seats.

No one believed that the Dutch would go for a man who has announced that his land needs to ban the Koran and tax those who wear head scarves. His anti-immigration stance has apparently caught on.

Hold on, ladies and gentlemen, we are in for a bumpy ride



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