Spain bans Gay Israelis from Gay march.

In order to punish Israel Spanish organizers of a Madrid Gay rights parade have banned the invited Israeli delegation from participating. Palestinians, Iranians, and people from all other nations are all welcome regardless of their political opinions.

Israel, it has been decided, is not welcome.

The Israelis mentioned that if the paraders lived in Islamic states they would all be subject to Islamic law which, among other things, kills Gays.


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One Response to Spain bans Gay Israelis from Gay march.

  1. This is a shame, but gays are usually knee-jerk liberals, and Israel killed people, hence they are bad in this simplistic, childish mind of many liberals. Israel, Israelis and their supporters need to try to explain the whole picture to these people. Then leave it at that. Explain to the children that suicide bombers were attacking Israel. Hence Israel builds a wall to keep them out. Hamas sends rockets into Israel and Gazans elected Hamas, a group whose stated will is the destruction of Israel. Hence Israel (and Egypt) blocks and inspects all ships going into Gaza. This barely needs to be explained. If people pretend they can’t understand, then screw them and I would try to figure out a way to say this out loud if I were these Israelis. That is while on the sidelines of the parade.

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