Israeli movies banned in France.

Utopia, a five theater chain of cinemas in France, has banned the showing of Israeli movies in what it says is a protest against the Israeli efforts to stop a flotilla which was determined to break the arms embargo on Gaza.

The theater owner substituted a documentary on Rachel Corrie, the deranged American woman who placed herself in the path of a bulldozer in protest against Israel’s attempts to protect itself from terrorists. Ms. Corrie, who subsequently became a martyr to the cause of Arab terrorism, is the new hero of  terrorist sympathizers.

The Utopia chain receives a subsidy for the arts from the French government which has criticized the boycott. Even the left-wing newspaper, Le Monde, protested the boycott noting that the Israeli government finances film makers who are critical of its policies. As the article points out, Israel has one of  the most free and creative cinemas in the world and without a doubt in the Middle East.


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