Global Public Opinion? It doesn’t exist except in the media..

World public opinion needs to eat, too.

An analysis in Investor’s Business Daily recently demonstrated how the media is being manipulated to publish reports claiming that “world public opinion” supports or does not support various causes, opinions and beliefs.

As the  writer points out, “…these demonstrators who get so much camera time don’t represent responsible citizens. They condemn Israel with one set of rules and ignore provocations from terrorists, falling right into the trap of useful idiocy. Then they imagine themselves on a higher moral plane, done cheap and easy by protesting.

Their hypocrisy is breathtaking. They say they abhor killing, but did nothing when North Korea torpedoed a South Korean ship last month, killing 46 sailors.”

“There is one and only one way to stop this, and that’s to show resolve. When President Ronald Reagan attempted to position defensive missiles in Western Europe in 1982, he drew massive protests on perceptions that he could be made to back off.

When Reagan refused, the protests disappeared.

That’s the kind of resolve the Obama administration needs to be showing right now. But with a president who considers popularity with “the world” paramount and working with multilateral organizations a substitute for diplomacy, the odds are not good he’ll show any real leadership. But if he doesn’t, who will?”


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