Hamas banned from French TV.

Hamas barbecue.

“How dare they!,” screamed the head of the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV network. ” We are innocent, peaceful protesters. So we killed a few Israelis and Americans, so what. Don’t judge a book by its cover. We are nice people. Just get to know us. We haven’t done anything to offend the French.  And now this?”

He was referring to the decision of a French-based satellite provider to halt the Hamas broadcasts to Europe and much of the Middle East.

The provider said that it considers the Hamas broadcasts inflammatory and does not wish to continue to host them.

“This will ruin us!,” yelled Abdul al-haq, head of advertising for the station. ” Without this access what are we to do? Terrorists also need to make a living. I ask you, how are we supposed to feed our children, buy more ammunition, bombs, knives for our flotillas?”



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