J Street fights pro-Israel support in Congress.

American Jews protesting J Street meeting.

J Street, an American group which lobbies the US Congress and calls itself “pro-peace, pro-Israel”, has now announced it is actively using its resources to get the US to pressure Israel to lift the arms embargo on Gaza.

A number of American lawmakers have spoken out in support of a petition to support the Jewish state in its efforts to protect itself from its enemies and to inspect deliveries of materials to Hamas-controlled Gaza. The purpose of this embargo is to make sure no arms or items to attack Israel are smuggled in.

“J Street has urged Congressmen not to sign the letter, saying it is counterproductive and does not deal with the issue of the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

“J Street – the pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby – is not supporting sign-on letters to the President now circulating in the [House] regarding the Gaza flotilla,” wrote J-Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami.”

“The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations has urged lawmakers to sign the petition.”

J Street was started to advance the views of the left and others who believe that the US should not have such a close relationship with Israel. It usually opposes legislation to help the Jewish state. J Street is mainly made up of American Jews. It favors pressuring Israel to cede territory to the Arabs and to drop its arms embargo on Hamas.



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