Jewish segregation in Israel outlawed, violators jailed.

Arrested father says goodbye to his kids as he leaves for prison.

Haredi ( ultra-orthodox) parents of children in a segregated school have gone into hiding to avoid arrest for breaking the law.

The school in the village of  Immanuel has practiced segregation of Jewish children who are Sefardic ( of Mediterranean ) background from those who are of Ashkenazi (European) descent. The parents of the Ashkenazi children say that they want separate classrooms because their children are more religious than the others.

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled that their segregated schools violated the law and that if the school was not integrated the parents would be arrested and jailed. The parents refused. The police have come in and arrested several parents but many, including all the women and a few men, have gone into hiding to avoid the police.

The NY Times correspondent in Israel, Isabel Kershner, has written an especially thorough article on the case.


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