Rabbi puts curse on Israeli developers. Riots follow.

Your tax money at work.An Israeli rabbi, Tuvia Weiss, put a curse on developers whom he said were desecrating graves. Riots followed and five policemen and ten demonstrators were injured.

“The Rabbi put a curse on the health, body and the livelihood of anyone talking part in this project and desecrating the memory of the dead,” one protester said.”

The Andromedia hotel in Jaffa was most recently targeted.

Weiss, who is the head of the Edah Haredit, and ultra-orthodox ( Haredi) group which does not recognize the state of Israel as legitimate, has led similar protests in the past.

He could not be reached by the JDR at press time. His son, Velvel, said that his father was learning hilchos shkhita (kosher slaughtering laws) in preparation for the next demonstration and could not be disturbed.



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