US Christian group bashes Israel.

Presbyterian minister wearing Presbyterian talis.

What is it with the Presbyterians?

Such a nice group of people until you get on the subject of Israel in which case they become nuts, start frothing at the mouth, steam shoots out of their ears.

Well, at least, that’s the impression you might have from reading their report on Israel. This report, which has been mentioned a lot in the media, actually has been created by a small group of left-wing activists in the organization and pushed on the larger group.

Most Presbyterians are not even aware of the report and very much support Israel. However, the organization has been taken over by a small bunch of anti-Israel activists who are attempting to foist their agenda on the church.

Here is what they say:

“Peace could again prevail over the land if the Israelis would only withdraw from all the lands occupied in 1967. To that end, the report calls for the US to halt all military and economic assistance for Israel.
“If there were no occupation, there would be no Palestinian resistance,” says the report.

The Israeli occupation is “the major obstacle to regional stability” and is “an evil that must be resisted and removed.” The authors show they understand “resistance” is a euphemism for terrorism, but say it is the Israelis’ own fault for inflicting so much suffering on the Palestinians.

“Resistance is a right and a duty for the Christian.”

IT WOULD be too easy to dismiss such unreality as terminal naïveté, but there is something much more poisonous here.

The 172-page PCUSA report says the “primary” cause of the Middle East conflict is “the ongoing Israeli occupation…

and American complicity in this unjust enterprise.”

So according to them, the only reason the Arabs are unhappy is because Israel exists. The solution is easy: Israel should give its land to the poor, oppressed Arabs and then there will be peace in the Middle East.


Call your local Presbyterian church ( they are everywhere) and let them know what you think of their views on Israel.


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