Who is Amy Goodman and why does she hate Israel?

Goebbels of the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish world.

Amy Goodman, as she never tires of telling anyone who can’t run away fast enough, is “a Jewish American, the granddaughter of an Orthodox rabbi and the great-granddaughter of a chassidic rabbi.” She also happens to be a promoter of anti-Semites and anti-Zionists of nearly every stripe.

Besides co-hosting a daily tirade on Pacifica Radio, she is also a ubiquitous speaker at anti-U.S. and anti-Israel rallies.

Goodman is a defender of the most notorious anti-Semites such as Rep. Cynthia McKinney, a Georgia Democrat who has gone overboard in her hatred of Jews and the Jewish homeland. McKinney announced her intention to sail on the flotilla to deliver materials to Hamas in violation of Israel’s arms embargo.

To listen to her radio program one might believe that the only news in the world involves Israel and the Arabs who occupy Jewish land.

Like many of her friends, Amy never mentions the killing and oppression of Arabs by the dictatorial Muslim governments. Her venom is reserved for her own people.

Even Meretz, the most powerful of Israel’s left-wing parties, finds it hard to stomach her. This is what they wrote on their MeretzUSA site: “Amy Goodman consistently examines only one side – the damage done to Palestinians and their supporters. Ms. Goodman is absolutely correct in intoning some great aphorisms: “media covers power, [but] is not for power”; “media is the Fourth Estate, not for the state”; and “only through knowing can we repair.” But her extreme anti-Israel bias makes it impossible for her to be a fair and credible source of news and analysis relating to Israel. This is a shame, considering how earnest and well-meaning she surely is in her heart of hearts.”



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4 Responses to Who is Amy Goodman and why does she hate Israel?

  1. anantha krishna says:

    Amy goodman may be right from one sided view… but she can’t conclude the issue taking anti israel steps. Media people should take neutral position to review these type of sensitive issues. Amy’s words are from her Prejudice mindset. Amy has to show her truthfulness making issue based statements. Even though Israel Nuclear policy is not a good sign for world peace, Amy can condem israel’s weapon policy but she can’t condem israel for every thing… “Fourth Estate should take neutral stands..”….

    Looks like Amy is misusing these issues to hike her popularity fueling israel disputes..

    -Anantha Krishna

  2. Rajesh kumar Jah says:

    Excellent review !! she is misusing the opertunity to become popular. very good notes on Amy!

  3. Dan says:

    Amy Goodman Hates puppies! I live in a place with one radio station… NPR. For some reason we have been hearing Amy at 8:00 A.M. for the past few years. While we should be drinking coffee getting ready for the day Amy has to tell us for an hour of all the bad bad bad things out there. Clitoris removals, sodomized prisoners, etc., etc., etc.. I could go on and on but I just don’t wan’t to even think of this show. If there is something nasty out there Amy will sniff it out. If there isn’t she is well skilled at digging up some decades old “attrocitiy” for the show just so you don’t start the day off in to good of mood.

    I’m not Jewish, but I do here what you are saying. I just ask that you listen to her a bit more. Amy Goodman hates everything. We have all known the unhappy hippie. Unhappy Hippies are some of the most pathetic people on this planet. They know better than the rest of us, and life would be wonderful if we could all just see things a bit different. Very similar to the unhappy redneck. Or the unhappy …human.

    Don’t sweat Amy. All I do is turn her off. You are probably lucky enough to have more than one station where you live, try changing it to something a little more pleasant ….Rush perhaps. It is really all the same. If talk radio is your game just pick the one who’s hatred/unhappiness is the most similar to yours and in the words of Lynard Skynard. Turn it up.

  4. jamie says:

    wow. Dan. the shallowness of your post astounds me.

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