Turks turn off water to Israel.

Turks attack Israel by turning off water.

Imagine how the world would react if your neighbor deliberately turned off your water?

Turkey has been selling water to Israel for years. This is a matter of life and death. Israel simply does not have the water resources to supply is population. Turkey, which has now been taken over by an Islamist party, the same one which sent a boat to break the arms embargo on Hamas, has now turned off the water supply to Israel.

[tweetmeme source=”Jewish Daily Report” only_single=false https://jewishdailyreport.wordpress.com/2010/06/20/turks-turn-off-water-to-israel/%5D

The reaction of the world?


Most of the water that Israel depends on flows from the north, via Syria, Lebanon and other lands that hate the Jewish state. They have already diverted the water to prevent it from reaching Israel. So Israel has been paying the Turks for their excess waters. This worked well for both lands. The Turks have more water than they need; Israel has too little.

Now the Turks have decided to punish Israel for defending itself from Hamas, a terrorist group occupying Gaza which daily announces its intention to destroy the Jewish state.



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