UK Media loves to hate Israel. This is news??

Julie Burchill, a non-Jewish British journalist, has written a short but very cutting article on the addiction of the educated UK media for knocking Israel. Before Israel existed, they would attack Jews. Now, they no longer have to be so blatant; they can simply attack Israel and claim, as they do, that this is not anti-Semitism.

Britain’s most famous modern mystery writer after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, was Agatha Christie. Consider these gems from her books.

“Men of Hebraic extraction, sallow men with hooked noses, wearing flamboyant jewelry.”

There’s “the long-nosed Mr. Lazarus,” of whom somebody says, “He’s a Jew, of course, but a frightfully decent one.”

Keep in mind that Christie was simply expressing the sentiments of her well-educated English readers. She herself had nothing against Jews if they would only behave and not be too Jewish.

Jewish school kids in the UK have been attacked on their buses to and from school. Have you read or heard about it? Probably not. The Brits are too busy condemning Israel and the Jews for defending themselves to bother with such details.

However, the bulk of the article is devoted to the current media frenzy over Israel’s attempt to keep arms from reaching Hamas, the neighbor who vows daily to wipe the Jews off the map.

Read what one educated, English friend of decency and fair play writes.


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