Israel corners world vuvuzela market.

Guaranteed to make you deaf.

“My son, the vuvuzela king,” says Sonia Barber, mother of Oren Barber, the new reigning huckster of the most ear-splitting noise maker around. “I always knew that he would do something with his miserable life. But this? And he never calls.”

Barber has “… managed to put the site at the top of Google’s search rankings when you search for “buy vuvuzela” or “where to buy vuvuzela” by using search engine optimization techniques. Even typing in just the word “vuvuzela” puts them high up on the first page of search results.

We worked on setting up the site for three months before the World Cup, after last year when we realized that FIFA approved the horns, it would be a good business,” Barber told TheMarker.

The site does not actually sell the horns, but merely serves as an intermediary to connect buyers and sellers. In other words, buyers order and the site sends the orders on to suppliers it works with – and pays AllDings.

Barber admits that it is possible to order directly from suppliers, and the price may even be lower.

“There is no doubt that everyone can buy [directly] from the supplier. We simply offer a convenient way for those who want to buy vuvuzelas over the Internet,” he said.

So far the site has sold some 20,000 to 30,000 horns.

“We are sending vuvuzelas to the entire world, but very few in Israel,” said Barber. “We have sales to Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt and Algeria. Most of our sales are to Europe, particularly Britain.”

Even Al Qaida has been ordering them, though their stock room clerk will not divulge the exact source of their order.


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