Turkey bars Auschwitz-bound memorial flight from Israel.

British students visiting Auschwitz.

Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper has reported that Turkey has not allowed a plane carrying Israeli military officers, en route to a tour of memorial sites in Auschwitz, Poland, to fly over Turkish airspace.

The transport plane, with more than 100 officers on board, was forced to make a detour, the paper said.

The Israeli military ”refrained from responding officially to the event so not to exacerbate the rift in relations,” the newspaper added.

The Israeli prime minister’s office had no comment on Erdogan’s statements.

”Up to now, we have done whatever is necessary within the rules of law — whether national or international — and we will continue to do so,” The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was quoted as saying, adding that ties with Israel could return to normal if the Jewish state meets Turkey’s demands.
[tweetmeme source=”Jewish Daily Report” only_single=false https://jewishdailyreport.wordpress.com/2010/06/29/turkey-bars-auschwitz-bound-memorial-flight-from-israel/%5D

”We are not interested in making a show. We don’t desire such a thing and we have been very patient in the face of these developments,” he said.


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