Obama betrays Israel, changes US policy.

As the days go by, Israel knows who its true friends and enemies are.

President Obama has further distanced himself from his predecessors by inserting language in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty that would call on Israel to sign the treaty and eventually disarm. When Israel was shown a copy of the treaty the language Obama later inserted was not there. Behind their backs, he later had the part compelling Israel to sign and submit to the treaty inserted.

Up until now, every American administration has followed a don’t ask, don’t tell policy with Israel regarding atomic weapons. It is a known fact that Israel has nuclear weapons but it has never been officially acknowledged by either the US or Israel. This is part of a 62 year understanding to support the Jewish state in its struggle to protect itself from its hostile neighbors.

President Obama has now ended this policy at the request of Arab states. He says that as part of reaching out to these states he will agree to many of their demands regarding their long time enemy, Israel. For the first time, America will support the Arabs in their war against the Jewish state.

President Obama has expressed amazement over why few Israelis trust him. Maybe this recent development will be an example of why he is mistrusted by Israelis and all who love the Jewish people and peace.

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6 Responses to Obama betrays Israel, changes US policy.

  1. when*pigs*fly says:

    Surely the son of a devil

  2. Antimatter says:

    Is this the paragraph that has gotten you all riled up?


    “5. The Conference recalls the reaffirmation by the 2000 Review Conference of
    the importance of Israel’s accession to the Treaty and the placement of all its nuclear
    facilities under comprehensive IAEA safeguards. The Conference reaffirms the
    urgency and importance of achieving universality of the Treaty. The Conference
    calls on all States in the Middle East that have not yet done so to accede to the Treaty as non-nuclear-weapon States so as to achieve its universality at an early
    date. ”

    Seems like much ado over nothing to me. The whole world knows Israel has nuclear weapons, you know. It’s not exactly a secret anymore.

  3. Hi, Antimatter

    It is no secret that Israel has atomic weapons.

    The issue here is that Israel has never signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty because, to do so, would force it to accept many conditions which would damage its security. The US, until Obama, has agreed with this and consistently worked to protect Israel in this matter.

    “In addition to singling out Israel, the document, which has captured relatively little public attention, calls for a regional conference in 2012 to lay the groundwork for a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East. Israel, whose nuclear arsenal is one of the world’s worst-kept secrets, would be on the hot seat at such a meeting.”

    “In a statement released after the conference ended, the national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, said, “The United States deplores the decision to single out Israel in the Middle East section of the NPT document.” He said it was “equally deplorable” that the document did not single out Iran for its nuclear ambitions. Any conference on a nuclear-free Middle East, General Jones said, could only come after Israel and its neighbors had made peace.”

    The above quotes are from the NY Times article which we have linked to.

  4. Yochanan Hardisty says:

    Israel cannot have both ways.Israel cannot expect other countries to sign and live
    up to international treaties.While Israel refuses to sign and live up to international

  5. Antimatter says:

    “The issue here is that Israel has never signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty because, to do so, would force it to accept many conditions which would damage its security.”

    Maybe it is time for Israel to openly enter into negotiations with Iran, Syria, and other nations to have and enforce a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East, under the auspices of the NPT and with aggressive inspections by the IAEA.

    After all, we both agree that the 40+ year charade of “strategic ambiguity” has run its course, and we all know that demographic trends make the status quo untenable in the long term.

    “The US, until Obama, has agreed with this and consistently worked to protect Israel in this matter.”

    I think the days of the US unquestioningly supporting Israel are over, and thank goodness for that. This is a healthy development, because it opens up debate in ways that are needed, if nothing else, to help put to rest this “strategic ambiguity” idiocy and allow for more meaningful discussions based on real reality, not some absurd “official reality”.

    Btw, this development has little to do with Obama, in my view, and much more to do with the American people turning inwards during a time of prolonged and significant economic crisis, as well as two stubborn wars that just won’t end.

  6. Mark R. says:

    Turning Inward my foot, people like Antimatter who espouse their hope in “agressive inspections by the IAEA” remind me of this Administrations’ claims he will dialogue with Iran, without the worn out restrictions of parity placed by all Obama’s predecessors.
    We have here another Obama defender pretending that he’s just an isolationist-which is half true.

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