NY Times questions Christian/Jewish donations to Israel.

Biblical Israel: Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria ( = West Bank). Forever Jewish.

The NY Times on Monday, 5 July, published a front page article (online) entitled, Tax-exempt funds aid settlements in West Bank. The article argues that US donations from established charities are going to help West Bank residents and that this needs to be investigated by the Federal government.

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The reporters, in this very lengthy article, said that technically most of the donations, many from Christian Americans who support Israel and the Jewish people in the Biblical lands, are legal.

However, they wrote, they should be questioned since much of these lands are not officially part of Israel. The lands in question, Judea and Samaria, are mentioned prominently in the Bible and are historically recognized as belonging to the Jewish people. The Zionist plan is for Jews to reclaim the lands of the Bible, the historical Jewish Promised Land. This is accepted by Jews and Christians worldwide.

However, many pro-Arab supporters  and anti-Israel activists reject this view, as is evident in the NY Times article.

The article was published on the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit with President Obama.



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