Citizen journalists and the demise of Octavia Nasr.

Fight media brainwashing.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.  ~Abbott Joseph Liebling, “Do You Belong in Journalism?” New Yorker, 4 May 1960

I really have better things to do than daily spend a few hours creating this newspaper.

So why do I do it?

Because of people like Octavia Nasr.

CNN is probably the biggest cable news network in the world. Its resources are beyond belief. The people who run it and report for it command incredible power.

I, on the other hand, am a nobody. If you saw me in the street you wouldn’t look twice.

However, I do have a brain and I know how to use it.

I am quite well read and educated in the things that matter to me.

I love my community and the culture and values with which I grew up. I am not under any illusion that the rest of the world sees things my way. I just value my life and have worked quite hard, sacrificed a lot to live it as I do.

Over the years I have watched as the media and many of the illiterati have systematically denigrated Israel, America, and the Judeo-Christian civilization that we have inherited. We have become the punching bag of the world.

The fact that they come out of ignorance makes them even more dangerous. Our enemies are real. The people who attacked America on 911 were not Christians or Jews. They were not Hindus or Buddhists.

Everyone of them was a Muslim who believed that we, the infidels, needed to be beaten into submission.

For a long time many of us, brought up on the ideas of tolerance and religious equality, refused to accept that our enemies were, in fact, fighting us as a civilization.

Our government still hasn’t accepted this. Especially, our President.

However, that in no way detracts from the fact that we are at war with an entire civilization which is using our media, our liberal and democratic values, and our good will to destroy us.

Israel and the Jewish people are at the frontline of this battle.

We are the first to be attacked and the first who need to respond.

We depend on others of good will to support us.

However, unless we truly are well informed , we have our hands tied.

Octavia Nasr for over twenty years was an Arab propagandist who masqueraded as a journalist. Due to the efforts of the many little nobodies like me she is finally gone.

If I didn’t have this platform I couldn’t have been part of her demise.

I love that she is history and look forward to seeing the rest of her ilk disappear into the gloom from which they emerged.

For a long time the NY Times has not printed most of  my comments. Yesterday I  tried three times to post a comment on the firing of Octavia Nasr. All three times the comments were rejected.

This has happened more times than I care to remember.

Instead of getting angry,  instead of feeling weak and powerless, which I used to do, several weeks ago I decided to do something about it.

I began the Jewish Daily Report and that is why I shall continue to sit down each day and publish it.

Thank you, NY Times. You have gotten me to get off of my butt and actually do something that I am proud of.

I invite you to also do the same. Go to or some other free site for setting up a blog. Do what I have done. Let us know what you have done.

Together we will fight the good fight.

And we will win.

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Octavia Nasr is just the first step.


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American patriot.
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2 Responses to Citizen journalists and the demise of Octavia Nasr.

  1. Chris from Canada says:

    Thank you for standing up for our culture and civilization.Years ago I was one of the leftist useful idiots.I have since found that Israeli and Jewish values reflect my own.

    We’ll take back our way of life, the Islamists and Marxists have overplayed their hand.

  2. Hi, Chris

    I, too, was a major leftist most of my life.

    Then I began to see that the left hates Jews and, it just follows, Israel.

    We can do nothing right and the Muslims and other Jew-haters nothing wrong, according to their dogma.

    It is a wonderful feeling to finally be on the winning side of history, the right side.

    I love Israel and the Jewish people. We are not perfect but we have a hell of a lot more going for us than the losers and parasites who attack us.

    Thanks, again, for your support.

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