NY Times in collusion with anti-Israel groups?

File under NY Times, please.

The day before Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in the US to speak with President Obama, the NY Times rolled out a front page “expose” about the role of Christians and Jews in America and Canada who make donations to Israeli organizations. As the article grudgingly admitted, there was no evidence that these donations violated US or Canadian tax law. However, if you didn’t read that tiny disclaimer you would have thought that these people were perpetrating a massive tax fraud.

It turns out that the NY Times took most of its information from a host of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish organizations which for a long time have been collecting such data in an effort to stop the donations to the hospitals, childrens’ centers, settlements and others which receive them.

Of course, the meticulous reporters of the NY Times left this detail out of their article.

Probably there was not enough space available, we imagine.

Research by NGO Monitor and a number of bloggers notes that the NY Times report bears a strong resemblance to a campaign launched by the radical left-wing Gush Shalom organization a full year ago, as well as numerous similar statements by members of the radical Israeli NGO network.

A confidential July, 2009 memo somewhat bizarrely publicly reproduced on an anti-Zionist blog site, Gush Shalom outlines a campaign that:

includes a combination of legal action and public advocacy aimed at denying federal tax exempt (501c3) status to US charities supporting settlement activity. Prioritized first will be organizations directly and openly supporting development and operation of illegal outposts and the Israeli NGOs associated with them.

Gush Shalom doesn’t stop there however, targeting mainstream organizations such as the Jewish National Fund, World Zionist Organization and Nefesh B’Nefesh.

Of personal concern to observers is the targeting of what Gush Shalom refers to as:

a third group of US organizations — those supporting policies enabling illegal settlement activity through propaganda campaigns. These include, among many others, groups such Stand With Us and The Israel Project.

The organizations mentioned above  seek to explain Israeli policies and to advocate on Israel’s behalf in the face of a coordinated campaign of demonization and delegitimization. It is a far cry, however, from Gush Shalom’s outrageous description of “American organizations actively engaged in undermining US foreign policy.

Why has the New York Times become the politicized vehicle for an organization such as Gush Shalom? Has the NY Times willingly allowed itself to be the weapon in the opening salvo of a campaign that seeks to delegitimize not only charitable activities on behalf of Israeli settlements but even those mainstream organizations with US 501(c)(3) status such as HonestReporting that are involved in absolutely transparent and legitimate activities.

Is this why the NY Times failed to concern itself with the radical organizations mentioned by NGO Monitor that have made full use of their US tax-exempt status to attack Israel? Indeed, how much of the NY Times’s supposed investigative journalism was merely fed to its reporters by representatives of NGOs pushing a politicized agenda that fits with that of the NY Times?

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