Hamas murders its own people. West is silent.

Obama gives State of the Union to Palestine Knitting Circle.

Hamas, the poster child of the “support the peace loving, down trodden Palestinian masses” flotilla movement, has started arresting dozens of its own people and killing them.


It says that they are Israeli collaborators. The evidence? Who needs any. If the left-wing in the West says that they are in charge then whatever they do is justified.

Imagine if such a thing were to occur in Israel?

We would never hear the end of it. It would be on TV daily. Massive demonstrations would take place all over the world in the name of the Palestinian people.

But when Hamas does it the result is silence.

Has CNN or the NY Times of NPR reported this? Maybe, now that Octavia Nasr, the well known anti-Semite and Arab propagandist is gone, CNN might, someday report it but not recently.

Hamas has started arresting dozens of Palestinian “collaborators” with Israel as part of its “National Campaign to Combat Collaborators with the Enemy.” Two months ago, Hamas issued an ultimatum to suspected collaborators in Gaza: Surrender by July 10, or face the death penalty. In April, Hamas executed two Palestinian men on the pretext that they had passed on information to Israel that was later used to kill gunmen in Gaza. Human rights activists expressed fear that Hamas was planning to use the campaign to settle scores against its political enemies.

Palestinian have no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press. They are living in a virtual prison. All in the name of a Palestinian homeland.

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What total crap. And yet the West, under attack from the Islamists, buys into all of this.



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