Jewish tombstones used to pave roads in Ukraine.

Hated when they were alive and now when they are dead.

KIEV – Brothers David and Zvika Gorvitch, who travelled to Bogoslav, Ukraine, in search of their grandfather’s final resting place, were shocked to find at the entrance to the city’s municipality building, that the stones on the pavement were actually ancient tombstones taken from the Jewish cemetery.

The city of Bogoslav, located in the Kiev district, was once home to a thriving Jewish community. Well-known Jews of last century even lived there, such as author Shalom Aleichem, who spent many years at his grandparents’ home in the city.

“I came here in search of my grandfather’s grave, and this is what I find! I am shocked,” said Zvika Gorvitch, “Go figure what road his tombstones is a part of now.”

“One of the wealthy Jews sent money to the city to remove the tombstones and transfer them to the cemetery, but the city chose to use this money to fix up the public park across the way,” he added.

Today, the Jewish community of Bogoslav contains just 70 people, out of a population of 17,000 residents. The municipality building where  the problematic pavement was found was once a Jewish school.

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As usual, this is not reported in the European or American press. What would happen if even a single Muslim tombstone were used in this way? We would never hear the end of it.,7340,L-3911401,00.html


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