Palestinians rape US peacenik, tell her to shut up.

Epidemic among Muslim men. Where are the protests?

She went to the Middle East to fight the good fight against the Jews and their Zionist boogeyman state, Israel.

Her heroes were the peaceful, innocent Palestinian people. She offered her services to help them fight.

Then they raped her.

Uh, oh.

Cut that part out. Not part of the script. Just didn’t happen.

But it did happen.

Finally, the Palestinian Authority decided that the fair and equitable way to settle this is to get her to just shut up and stop embarrassing them.

And the rapist?

His punishment was that he had to say, ” I’m sorry I raped you. Have a nice day.”

Then he asked for her telephone number.

The incident  took place last April, as Omar Aladdin, who had served a term in an Israeli jail in the past after having been convicted of terrorism, arrived one evening at the guest house in which many of the foreign peace activists were staying. The European and American female activists reportedly agreed to let Aladdin stay with them after he had told them he feared the Israel Defense Forces were on his tail, adding that he had been severely beaten at an IDF checkpoint only a week before.

During his stay Aladdin  attempted to rape a Muslim-American woman, nicknamed “Fegin” by fellow activists. The woman escaped, later accusing the popular protest man of the attempt. One villager who had encountered the American following the incident said she had been in a state of shock.

Aladdin then refused to apologize for the incident, when news of it reached the village’s popular committee, the popular protests’ governing body, saying that the incident had been marginal and normal. The American activist then asked the committee to notify authorities of the attempted rape, a request which resulted in the man being arrested by security forces in Bethlehem. After agreeing to apologize for the incident, Aladdin was released from custody by the PA police.

The U.S. citizen was then convinced to retract her complaint, as to avoid tainting the image of the popular protest, which had attracted praise from around the world in recent months.

We are now learning that this is one of many such incidents reported by foreign “peaceniks” who come to support the Palestinians. The Palestinians admit that, as they just said, “the incident had been marginal and normal.”

However, for Christians and Jews rape is definitely not, ” marginal and normal.” But since we are the infidels I guess nothing we do is praiseworthy and anything they do, including rape is, at the worst,” marginal and normal.”

Where are the left-wing protesters against rape? This has been, as the Palestinians mention, going on for a long time. Surely the flotilla people wouldn’t  be so quiet if an Israeli were the rapist.

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17 Responses to Palestinians rape US peacenik, tell her to shut up.

  1. Mac-101 says:

    She was “Uncovered Meat”, what did she expect!

  2. Tim in Phill says:

    I agree, she was asking for it!(sarc) If you are going to travel to a foreign country you better get with the effin program girlie. If you are not modestly covered your a whore and you deserve to be raped. Sharia law coming to a town near you. Ain’t it grand?!?

  3. xman says:

    Who knows. This might be the first time she has actually learned something about those she sided with.

    • Istanbul_Chick says:

      Trust me, she didn’t learn.

      These, pali-loving liberals never learn.

      My money’s on this dumb broad going back for more.

      I’m sure she’s defending her rapist saying she was raped because of his “torture” by “da joos.”

      But, I’m always happy to hear about stupid western women getting bitten, or worse, by the is mohammadan dogs they defend. They’re getting a taste of what life will be like in the west if their mohammadan dogs do manage to bring sharia to the west.

      • infidel says:

        Yes. And a global caliphate under Sharia is after all what Islam is all about. What a peaceful religion. Maybe we should invent a time machine and send them back to the time when Islam invaded and colonised Europe (like they’re doing now), the time of the Barbary Pirates when whites were kidnapped and enslaved, the time before the Reconquista (1492):

        “Europeans as victims of Islamic colonialism”

        Some people are just stuck with their co-dependency issues. If they can’t find a drug-addict that will use and abuse them, they’ll find someone else to “care for” so they can feel better about themselves.

        Maybe she was just really naive. Unfortunately I think you’re right, most of them don’t learn, but hopefully she does. I’d hate to think what could happen if she went back.

  4. Rose says:

    I wonder how many leftarded pro-Hamas activists have been raped, their silence is indicative that they hate Israel more than their rapists. They shame rape victims around the globe with their silence and cowardice.

  5. Godz says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Islam

  6. Louise JP says:

    yes welcome to the world of the islamists where women are like cattle, to be used and slaughtered. l hope she can learn from this, will she still side with her rapist’s society?

  7. Don says:

    Simply further evidence and affirmation that the sexual perversion, pedophilia, murder, terrorism, intimidation and the subjection and brutalization of women that are sanctified, endorsed and promoted by the lunatic ravings of muhammad (cursed be his name as the lowest form of human garbage ever to have existed on this planet since its creation may he rot in Hell for eternity and a day) as reflected in the koran and hadith are alive and well and being practiced with great enthusiasm by virtually every muslim male. Complicit in these crimes are the muslim women who either fully participate or stand idly by as their own flesh and blood is made cannon fodder for the facilitation of the nightmarish agendas of these psychopaths who pass themselves off as imams and mullahs. Again, further evidence that murderous brutality is not a gender issue amongst muslims but simply one of the sunnier facets of the political ideology of islam.

  8. Kepha says:

    Leftism is the suicide of Western culture.

  9. rykart says:

    I’d have thought that the pro-Israel crowd here would support the guy. After all, Israel’s PRESIDENT Moshe Katsav was a well-known serial rapist.

    Then again, let’s not forget Israel’s colorful diplomat:

    Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found drunk and naked apart from bondage gear. Reports say he was able to identify himself to police only after a rubber ball had been removed from his mouth.

    Keep the hypocrisy jamboree going!

    • a-reader says:

      @12:29 comment.

      Who on earth would believe anything the bbc puts out?
      Pfft, not even worth clicking the link, just more lies.

      Besides when the Israelis do have a sexual predator in their midsts they go after him and deal with it appropriately; they would not support him, encourage him, lie for him, praise him or supply him a child bride until another young naive western female do-gooder shows up to play ‘lets hate the Jews’ with.

      • infidel says:

        I’m from SA (not Jewish), and I never realised there’s so much anti-Jewish crap out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole “watch out for the evil Jewish banking conspiracy” nonsense isn’t being spread by Jihadis the way they are inciting the genocide of white South Africans, Jewish, Christian or otherwise.

        Call me crazy, but I’d rather go for Jewish banking than Sharia banking.

        And our SA government called back their ambassador in Israel after the jihadi flotilla attack against the Israeli soldiers. Man, they really twisted that one around like the ANC, PAC & co twisted things around with Sharpeville.

        Taqiyya (“holy deception”) all the way.

    • infidel says:

      SA also has a rapist for a president. Jacob Zuma was accused of rape by an HIV+ girl, but the girl fled the country and the charges were dropped.

      Zuma wasn’t worried about getting HIV/AIDS, because he took a shower immediately afterwards to prevent it.

      I guess it must have worked, because he took a test recently and declared he was negative and of course he would never ever lie.

      But Islam also doesn’t oppress women. I wonder if this gang-rape happened before or after this TV interview:

      Video: “Rape and Molest Israeli Girls” Egyptian Lawyer’s Advice for Arab “Freedom Fighters” (July 2010)

      In most Arab nations, women and girls have very little protection from sex crimes. Because Arab men cannot be held accountable in such countries for committing such crimes, an Egyptian lawyer is advising Arabs to rape Israeli girls.

  10. zzz says:

    She’ll become a survivor or crash. Peace upon her as she did no harm. However, domestically these two (or three?) territories are still effed up, regardless of foreign peaceniks coming or leaving. Don’t believe? Cf Sudan or some other hellholes.

  11. infidel says:

    Yes, zzz, Peace upon her as she did no harm.

    I’m very sorry for this poor girl… It reminds me of Amy Biehl, a US exchange student who was stoned and stabbed to death in a South African township when she went to drop off a black friend, simply because she was white.

    Hopefully she’s back in the US where women have rights and free speech, so she can tell the world about this. I don’t know how one is supposed to recover from something like this. The sad part is that the bastards probably only consider her (and others like her) a “Useful Idiot” (

    She believed she was doing good work and got a lesson in brutal reality instead. I hope she will have a good (but realistic) life ahead.

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