Jewish plan to murder Hitler revealed.

Jabotinsky on 100 shekel Israeli currency.

(JTA) — Revisionist Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky reportedly had devised a scheme to kill Hitler and a number of high-ranking officials.

In a special report, Ynet wrote that according to British Col. Richard Henry Meinertzhagen’s diary, “Middle East Diary, 1917-1956,” Jabotinsky visited the colonel in 1939 with a plan to kill a number of high-ranking Nazi officials, so Hitler and other senior officials would gather at their funeral. Jabotinsky planned to fill one of the coffins with explosives and, as the Nazi officials congregated around the grave, have the grave digger set off the bomb.

Meinertzhagen, then an adviser at the War Office in London, brought the plan to the Foreign Office.

“The Foreign Office frowned,” he wrote in his diary, “and the Nazis were saved.”

July 12 was the 70th anniversary of Jabotinsky’s death according to the Jewish calendar.

Jabotinsky, a Russia native, was a founder of the Jewish Self-Defense Organization in Odessa and a delegate in Zionist congresses. He founded the Revisionist Zionism, a nonreligious, nationalist faction of the Zionist movement. He also was an early leader of the Irgun, a militant underground organization that fought to found the State of Israel.

Meinertzhagen, although supporting a more moderate line of Zionist ideology, said in his diary that the State of Israel was founded because of Jabotinsky’s Irgun.

Jabotinsky died on Aug. 4, 1940, and his body was later brought to Israel and buried on Mount Herzl.

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One Response to Jewish plan to murder Hitler revealed.

  1. Mac-101 says:

    It makes ya wonder if the Trans National Banksters do run the world and wanted WWI and WWII to make money off BOTH sides. The big question is did Rothchilds and Warburg really finance Hitler in the late 20’s and early 30’s to put pressure on German Jews so they’d immigrate to Israel? It is well documented that the Bushes, Standard Oil’s Rockerfeller, Ford and GM were making money on both sides!

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