No 911 Mosque!!!

After we destroy mecca, can we build a synagogue? Just asking.

Liberal, self-hating Americans are now crying for a mosque within spitting distance of  Ground Zero, the place where 3,000 innocents were murdered in the name of Islam.

A column in the NY Times by Robert Wright urges us to accept a mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center. He says it shows how nice we are, how accepting we are of all faiths, that even though the Muslims tried to exterminate us, they really are OK and worthy of respect.

The next step will be a picture of Bin Laden on the ten dollar bill.

Since the NY Times, as usual, decided not to print my comment, I include it here:

Mr. Wright.

You say that you may be a bit naive to think that there might be opposition to a mosque at the site where Muslims murdered Americans and proclaimed Islam as their goal.

Yes, I agree.

You are naive to think that Americans would welcome a Muslim site on the grave of those whom Muslims, in the name of their religion, murdered.

Check back in two years. You will discover that every politician and community board member that supported this will be history.

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