Thank you, Christian Evangelicals!

American Christian Evangelical T-shirt.

There are many Jews who question the motives of Christian Evangelicals, Born again Christians and other Christians who support Israel and the Jewish people.

I couldn’t care less about anyone’s motives if they support me when I am struggling to fight off a murderous enemy. In this case, the enemy also wants to kill Christians and destroy anyone different than it.

I know many of these people. They are salt of the earth folk, good souls. They are sincere in a way that most mainstream Christians ( uh, oh  – I just learned – they ARE the mainstream of American Christianity!!) are not. They really live their faith and I admire that in anyone. They know that Jesus was a Jew, that the Jews are the children of Israel of the Bible whose covenant with God will never cease. They realize that the Holy Land of the Bible is Israel, the Israel of Judea and Samaria, the real Israel.

Do we disagree on things?

Of course, we do. They do among themselves,too. I like it when people disagree with me; I call it being honest and I really like honest people. I wonder about people who agree with everything I say.

However, when the rest of the world has pretty much deserted us, jumped ship and is running after the Muslim bandwagon ( ie. Obama, Mike Bloomberg, etc.) why not call a spade a spade and acknowledge our true friends?

On Judgement Day, our pro-Israel Christian neighbors will receive our sincere testimony about how they, after almost everyone else had betrayed the Jewish people, remained by our side when the going got really hard.

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5 Responses to Thank you, Christian Evangelicals!

  1. Carole says:

    As a christian I am very confused about it too!
    They have obviously not read the scriptures as they should as I don`t understand otherwise how they could come to the conclusion to not stand with the jewish nation of Israel. As you point out our Lord Jesus is a Jew, so they must have bought into the lie of replacement theology!

  2. We received this comment which we pass along.

    It is from Suzi in Australia.

    Suzi, thanks so much for writing and for your heartfelt support.

    You are on the right side of history.

    2010/07/29 at 4:21 am
    Well, I am a devoted Christian lover of the Jewish people and Israel. I am now aged 62 and The Lord planted that love in my soul when I was aged 14. I have NEVER wavered all these years. I recently bought a CD which had the sound byte on it of Israeli soldiers on Jun 6 1967 taking Jerusalem. I cry EVERY time I hear it.
Go, Israel, go!

  3. Tracy says:

    I am a Jew-loving Christian woman. My Saviour is Jewish and I love Him and His people. That being said, I have trouble in understanding self-loathing Jews and find it difficult to have any meaningful dialogue with the self-loathing bunch. Can you offer any insight as to why many of the Jewish people in North American society seem Hell-bent on bending over backwards to appease those who would kill them if given the chance?

  4. Hi, Tracy

    I also find it hard to understand their hatred of their own people and our promised land, Israel.

    However, they have always been part of the Jewish landscape and, I suspect, will be around for a long time.

    People like you can make up for them and their suicidal tendencies.

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