The power of the Sabbath.

The Holy Sabbath is for all of us, regardless of our background.

Thousands of years ago and even today in many places, people and their animals worked everyday. In much of the world, many businesses are open everyday and people use the weekends to shop and do business of various kinds.

However, there are people who take exception to this.

It started with the Jews who, in the Torah, listed the Sabbath as a specific holy day to cease working. This also applied to ones animals and, in those days, slaves. Work of any kind was forbidden. This was a religious obligation.

Sabbath-observers, Jewish and Christian, look forward to the peace of the Sabbath. It is a true gift for all who wish to taste and celebrate it.

In the States we have the restaurant, TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday. Sabbath-observing Jews also thank God it’s Friday but for a different reason. It is the day to stop working and tune in to what we may have overlooked the rest of the week. It is a time to relax and center on what is essential and nourishing in one’s life. It is a time to concentrate on God and all His blessings.

There is a Jewish saying, Protect the Sabbath and it will protect you.

It will give you your life back.

Like becoming a vegetarian, you can start slowly and find a way to just stop, take a real break, from the rest of the week. Find a way to tune in to life, not escape it.

The Sabbath is a real gift for all of us.

The NY Times has featured an article on this.

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I urge you to read it as well as the comments after it.


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