Muslim terrorist applies for US asylum.

I might be harmed if deported to a Muslim country!!

The man who was convicted of planning to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in the Name of Allah, the All Merciful, the Compassionate One, has now been rearrested in Georgia for seeking to purchase an AK-47 assault rifle.

His attorney suggests that the criminal, , Abdel Ghani Meskini, is a peaceful man who wouldn’t harm a fly. Mr. Meskini’s lawyer, Mark S. DeMarco, said of his client: “He has lived a law-abiding life since his release.”

He was released after serving a few months in prison after being convicted of aiding the Millenium Plot, the Muslim plot to attack America on the millenium, 2,000, and faced a sentence of over 100 years in prison.

The US government offered for him to skip prison if he would cooperate. He did. Kind of.

They gave him a reduced sentence. Then they discovered that he was sending e mails and other notices attempting to purchase an AK-47 assault rifle.

At the time he was managing rental properties in Georgia and claimed he need the assault rifle as part of his employment.

Now he is demanding political asylum from the United States to avoid being deported to a Muslim country where, he claims, he might be harmed.

His lawyer says that if he were to be sent back to Algeria, where he is from, he would face potential arrest and bodily harm.

Before Mr. Meskini’s arrest in the millennium plot, he lived the life of a con man and thief — “a fraudster,” as one prosecutor described him in court. Once an officer in the Algerian Army, he later testified that he used false identification to cash stolen checks. In 1994, he decided to leave Algeria, and he slipped into the United States as a stowaway on a boat to Boston.

He supported himself by using fraudulent passports and Social Security cards and opening bank accounts under false names to obtain credit cards and checks.

The New York judge hearing his case says he, too, is concerned that the terrorist may have a hard time if deported.

At a court appearance in Manhattan in April, Judge Keenan said he was not assuming that Mr. Meskini was guilty of the violations. He acknowledged that if Mr. Meskini were deported to Algeria, “physically he might be in jeopardy.”

“That is an obvious concern to me,” Judge Keenan said. “And I think of that in connection with the whole case, and I don’t know that there’s any magic solution or any magic bullet.”

There is a magic bullet.

It belongs in the head of the defendant.

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5 Responses to Muslim terrorist applies for US asylum.

  1. Jockaira says:

    It’s clear that Mr Meskini is a professional liar and has lived his whole life parasitizing himself upon the sympathies and good nature of others. It’s also clear that no one wants him living next door. There is no other logical thing to do with him but to deport him. Whatever country accepts him is then responsible for him; he is no longer our problem. If there is no country willing to take him then deport him into the Atlantic Ocean from a helicopter. Let the fish deal with him. See if he can lie his way out of that.

  2. PhillipGaley says:

    “might be in jeopardy.”: so, here we are—really, are we going to base a positive intervention by the court upon a third or fourth class condition? Is that now to pass for currency for logic in administrative law?
    I’m wondering about it because, I don’t think that, the aliens are going to land—and, most people of whole mind whom I’ve asked, seem to agree; and yet, however that might be, intergalactic language studies—a kind of Esperanto for inter-planetary travelers—is being offered (on the web) and, I kind of think that, I’d better enroll—just in case; they might land at any time, you know; think about it, . . .

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    He might be harmed if he’s sent back to Algeria? Poor widdle baby. He came here illegally, engaged in a deadly plot, is a con man and fraudster. Maybe he should have thought about things a little more deeply before he got involved in jihad activities. Send him back, he’s not someone we want in this country.

  4. Skep Wolf says:

    Deport him somewhere quickly but have him castrated first so that he will not be able have offspring. We already have too much vermin of his kind here and DONT need any more.

    • shifra freewoman says:

      Look, the guy sounds like a fraudster, criminal, terrorist etc. If all the stuff you wrote here is accurate, He should be deported. No argument.

      Please, do not advocate castration. Yuck, that is sick. and I say that as a woman who was raped.

      further, don’t call anyone vermin. I dont know if you are jewish or not but we got called that too. And I get the sense that you don’t just mean terrorists, you mean all muslims.

      and by the way, his kids if he has them could turn out to be utterly unlike him and for peace.

      If I’m interpreting your post incorrectly let me know.

      but please watch the words you use-that kind of language vermin etc, will lead to nothing good and will not help to build a better world.

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