Bloomberg to NYC : Drop Dead!

Know your enemy, America.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010. A day that shall live in infamy. The day that the Mayor of New York City spit in the face of the 3,000 New Yorkers who died at the hands of Muslim terrorists. The day that his handpicked Landmarks Commission Board denied the historical status of a classic 150 year old landmark and paved the way for a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. The day that the West bowed its head in shame at the response of NYC to the latest attempt of the followers of Allah, the murderers and criminals, to destroy America and our Judeo-Christian world.

The proposed mosque is called Cordoba House. Cordoba is the city in Muslim occupied Spain where the followers of Allah tore down the largest church they could find and erected an enormous mosque, to celebrate their victory over Christianity.

They did this when they occupied Jerusalem. They built a mosque over the most holy Jewish site in the world, The Holy Temple.  To this day these criminals masquerading as a religion, occupy this site. Their goal is to destroy and occupy every other non-Islamic site in the world and build mosques their,too.

Now, with the active cooperation of American traitors and fifth-columnists they are doing the same in America, the nation they attacked in the name of their deity, Allah.

Know your enemy. We have many of them in seats of power in this land.

Demand that your politicians openly state where they are on this issue and flood the net and local media with the names of those who support this Hate Mosque, the 911 Mosque.

We will never forget and never forgive them.


The mayor, the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the local community board, all of whom in the face of overwhelming local opposition, approved this memorial to hate, are on the wrong side of history. There is an election coming up quite soon. Every candidate will be asked to state their position on this matter. Those who continue to support our enemies, who, in the name of Allah, murdered 3,000 Americans, will find out how their constituents really feel on this issue.

We are at war with an ideology that hides behind the mask of religion. They will continue to cut away at the fabric of our Judeo-Christian world until there is nothing left. Much more to come. Stay tuned.

This is a good site for updates:


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2 Responses to Bloomberg to NYC : Drop Dead!

  1. Allan Leicht says:

    This mosque is disgusting and offensive. However, it is, thank G-d, not illegal. The people who are building this mosque are inhumane, insensitive, immoral provocateurs. However, they are, thank G-d, within their rights as Americans.

    We should know who is paying for this ugly thing. We should know what it is going to look like. But Mayor Bloomberg has no choice but do defend these Muslims’ constitutional rights. That he has done so does not disturb me, but that he has not said it is also blatantly evil-minded does disturb me.

    Ironically, I am glad they are planning this mosque. It speaks volumes about the hubris of Islam. But let’s calm down because it will never be built because I don’t think they will find anyone to build it. This whole affair underscores the fact that Islam is a not a religion for nice people.

  2. Thank you Allan for your calm and reasoned comment.

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