Jim Akins, Israel-hater, US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dead, ימח שמו וזכרון

The longer he served his Saudi masters, the more he grew to resemble them physically. Akins on right.

Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, unapologetic worshipper of all things Muslim and Arab, James Akins, just died at age 83.

Mr. Akins, at the time of the Arab oil embargo against America in the 70’s, had been promoted from director of fuels and energy at the State Department to ambassador to Saudi Arabia the month before the embargo began.

One of his first acts was to send a confidential message to executives of the major oil companies that were forming a consortium, called Aramco, to pump oil in Saudi Arabia. He asked them “to use their contacts at the highest levels” of the United States government to “hammer home the point that oil restrictions are not going to be lifted unless political struggle is settled in a manner satisfactory to Arabs.”

Mr. Akins was advocating at least some measure of support for Arab claims against Israel, something he would often do later in life as an industry consultant, and he was criticized for it. “Here he was, the American ambassador to Saudi Arabia, attempting to reinforce the Arabs’ blackmail of the United States,” Steven Emerson wrote in his book “The American House of Saud” (1985).

Mr. Akins said he was simply doing his job of promoting American interests, which may or may not coincide with those of Israel, and warning against the West’s growing dependence on imported oil.

Mr. Akins was indeed an Arabist, as diplomats expert in Arab politics and culture were often called, usually by outsiders and often derisively. In 1979, in an interview in Time magazine, he was prescient in warning of a “growing wave of anti-Americanism” in Saudi Arabia, home to 15 of 19 hijackers who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001.

Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger fired Mr. Akins after a series of clashes between them. One involved Mr. Akins’s assertion — dismissed as “absurd” by Mr. Kissinger — that Mr. Kissinger had approved of Iran’s raising oil prices to buy American arms. Another involved Mr. Akins’s assertion that a top foreign policy maker, perhaps Mr. Kissinger, was pondering a United States takeover of Middle East oil fields.

Mr. Akins will go down in US history as a traitor to the country that he represented, a whore of the Arabs who worked for the enemies of America and the Free World.

His one good point: He regularly stole candy from diabetic children, claiming that if they ate the candy they might suffer a sugar imbalance.

May his soul burn in hell for eternity.



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