Muslims engaged in massive destruction Jewish Biblical sites in Jerusalem.

Jewish Biblical objects destroyed by Muslims.

The Israeli government, at the highest levels, is engaged in a cover-up of the systematic Muslim destruction of  Jewish Biblical archaeology at the site of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Waqf, the Muslim Temple Mount authority, has been bulldozing and wrecking the Jewish Temple as described in the Bible, attempting to eliminate any evidence of Jewish presence before the Muslims conquered the place.

The Muslim tradition, based on the verses in the Koran, specifically teaches them to tear down churches and synagogues when they conquer an area. Then they are instructed to build a mosque on the same site to show dominion of the Muslim religion. This is the thinking about the 911 Mosque in NYC at Ground Zero. In their twisted minds, this symbolizes that they won and that this is now sacred ground for Muslims and their fellow-travelers.

It is over two months since State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss completed his report on excavations at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – yet the Knesset will only discuss his findings this week, giving rise to charges that the government tried to suppress the controversial document.

The report has not yet been published but Knesset sources who have seen it say it contents are so sensitive that they could spark riots once revealed.


Because it demonstrates beyond doubt that the Israeli government is covering up the Muslim destruction of Biblical Jewish holy objects and archaeological sites.

Imagine what would happen if the Jews did this to Muslim stuff?

There would be riots all over the Muslim world.

But when the Muslim desecrate the most holy site in Judaism the Israeli government is terrified to make this public.

Any digging at the site in the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City is potentially explosive. In 1996 Benjaim Netanyahu, then in his first term as prime minister, ordered the opening of a tunnel beneath the Western Wall, sparking riots in which 80 people were killed.

In 2000 Ariel Sharon, then leader of the opposition, provoked Arab outrage when he ascended the mount – often cited as the event that ignited the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising.

But while any controversy at the holy site carries the danger of violence, some members of the Knesset subcommittee due to discuss the findings say they have been suppressed to mask the shortcomings of government bodies, rather then because of security concerns.

Lindenstrauss’s report is expected to point the finger at government bodies, as well as the Waqf, in failing to monitor work on the site. The national Antiquities Authority, the police the Prime Minister’s Office, the Attorney General and the Jerusalem municipality are all expected to come under fire.

The Comptroller will conclude the Antiquities Authority and the municipality were effectively evicted from the Temple Mount after the 1996 disturbances, leaving supervision of development work in the hands of the police, which was unequipped for the task.

Police have so far failed to open to a single file on destruction of antiquities.

The Israeli government is hiding its complicity in one of the most horrible scandals in Jewish history and it is happening on the most holy Jewish site in the world.


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5 Responses to Muslims engaged in massive destruction Jewish Biblical sites in Jerusalem.

  1. Istanbul_Chick says:

    How many mo-bots will be here screaming “islam respects all relgions!” I’m so sick of hearing that over and over and over ad nauseum. Destruction of and building over holy sites of other religions is not respect.

    Destroying the remains of cultures they slaughter allows the mohammadans to re-write history donchyaknow?

    I would like to add one correction to the story though: “There would be riots all over the Muslim world.” Should be “There would be riots all over the world wherever there are a significant number of mohammadans.”

    Even those mythical moderate mohammadans in New York would be screaming and wailing if the “respect” were returned.

  2. infidel says:

    These sites are also important to Christians. And even if you’re not Jewish or Christian, it’s an important part of history. This destruction cannot be allowed.

    Now the bastards want to build their Monumental Cordoba 9/11 Ground Zero Jihad Mosque… When they invaded Europe, they converted the Church in Cordoba to a Mosque (it was changed back to a Cathedral after the Reconquista when the muslims were expelled), and the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul was originally the grandest Church in Christianity. There are many more examples.

    I guess they can’t build up their own stuff and then they must go and destroy or take over what others created. They are so filled with hatred and can’t even come up with their own ideas. Obama wants NASA to praise muslims’ contributions (?) and they took the idea for those 9/11 planes from the Japanese (Pearl Harbour).

    Why is there always violence and destruction wherever they go? We need to put our foot down with these things, otherwise they will continue to think they can hold us hostage and make us pay jizya etc.

  3. infidel says:

    “The Muslim tradition, based on the verses in the Koran, specifically teaches them to tear down churches and synagogues when they conquer an area. Then they are instructed to build a mosque on the same site to show dominion of the Muslim religion.”

    I didn’t realise it actually states that in the Koran. But I’m not surprised. I’ve seen the pattern. Just like that 9/11 mosque. Of course they don’t want the media to refer to it as the Ground Zero mosque. Don’t see why not. That’s what it is.

    By the way, destroying monuments etc., is a way to destroy a culture of a specific group or groups, and is a way to commit ethnic cleansing…

    People must really just wake up and start making some huge noise about these things. I wish people will learn that being compulsively PC can kill you in the end.


  4. caroline sue earwood says:

    Please pray that the original sites are preserved for future generations to enjoy and preserve.

  5. Happyfuntime says:

    C’mon people!! Look at all the fun we can have with that ground zero mosque. Imagine the tourist opportunities of average Americans to see this proud tribute to their conquering of important locations in our country. I think I will personally enjoy spitting on the spot, maybe smack ass in the middle of the inner sanctum area if I can get there. I encourage every american thats outraged by this to do the same! I encourage every hoodlum in the neighborhood to let their graffiti skills shine!! Show your luv!

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