Media feeding frenzy against 911 Mosque opponents.

The media is terrified of the American people.

A taxi driver in New York was stabbed three times by an irate passenger from Brewster, NY. The media immediately has concluded that the cause is the attempts of loyal Americans to prevent a mosque within the shadow of Ground Zero.

Every day taxi drivers are stabbed. Many taxi drivers are Muslims. Therefore, all the attacks are anti-Muslim and connected to the mass movement to prevent a victory mosque from being built at Ground Zero?

Not so.

If one reads the comments which the NY Times has chosen to print on this incident you will notice that Pam Geller and her friends, those brave Americans who have led the charge against the pro-Muslim forces, are being cursed and a lot more.

Curious how all these self-proclaimed, peace-loving, tolerant NY Times readers are so quick to judge others.

I guess they are realizing that the tide is turning against them.


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2 Responses to Media feeding frenzy against 911 Mosque opponents.

  1. when*pigs*fly says:

    My comment, which will probably not be posted, after reading a multitude of lefist “Bravo Sierra” at “The New York Times” about the stabbing of a muslim cab driver. If you want to know how frightening the leftard mindset is, go take a look. It’s appalling & frightening at the same time and if it wasn’t so sad it would be hilarious.
    First of all, this was a crime committed by a drunk person.

    And you all rush to protect muslims and islam. Islam is doing just fine, how can it not when you give in to every one of it’s demands, appease it’s threats, apologize for it’s actions and play it’s useful idiots?

    I think deluded lefties need to be more concerned about protecting themselves from the political ideology/cult of islam than the other way around.

    Your comments about his incident:

    *Don’t pick up passengers in Brewster, it’s too traumatic.
    *Opponents of the mosque are complicit.
    -Because they respect Ground Zero & don’t wish to see a mockery made of it. Have you read about muslim history & conquest mosques? Taqiyya? Sharia?
    *Few muslims were attacked after 9/11 but this incident means there will be mass attacks on muslims
    *repubs were scaring “white people”
    -What? Are you aware that arabs are caucasians? I also saw many people of color in the last protest.
    *politicians are fanning the anti-muslim bigotry
    -In fact most politicians are pandering to islam, regardless of what it does to non-muslim americans. They are not protecting you or this country from stealth jihad.
    *it’s the fault of “white” ethnic , hate monger, brown shirts
    -Is anyone else noticing an anti-white theme?
    *fault of Fox, Palin & Gingrich over & over
    -Finally, media & politicians with courage.
    * Right wing hate mongers over & over & over
    -Lefties always name call & throw the hate card. It’s getting old & ineffective.
    *Fox news has blood on it’s hands
    -Seriously? What about the MSM that reports anything non-muslim and nothing non-muslim and refuses to call a spade a spade , does it also have blood on it’s hands?
    *Pamela Geller has blood on her hands
    -Why? For trying to protect young muslim girls from “honor killings” by their families? For trying to help apostates escape the death sentence for leaving islam? That sounds foolish.
    *hatred of otherness
    -Try resentment of people who consider themselves superior, who demand special privileges and refuse to put being an American before being a muslim.
    *fault of everyone who opposes the mosque including 9/11 families
    -Many of us are smart enough to know that this building is meant to be a symbol of a monument to islam where it made it’s best attack on America. They have always built their mosques on the sites of their conquests and the 9/11 groundbreaking date & the name all point to the truth. It’s not about religious freedom , it’s about submitting to islam. Wake up!

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