NY Times: Jews dominating Wikipedia?

The Lede, a NY Times column on the media, recently published an article which “exposed”  pro-Israel and pro-Jewish bloggers who received training in posting and monitoring the net. The training is done to combat the avalanche of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel garbage which the Arabs, Muslims, anti-Americans, left wingers and self-hating Jews have launched all over the net.

Recently the NY Times published a follow-up article telling how destructive the pro-Israel writers have been. It was supported by hateful letters they received as evidence that the majority of the world hates Israel and anyone who speaks in favor of it.

I wrote the following comment on the NY Times story. They didn’t publish it.

So Jews are not allowed to correct lies written on the free-for-all that passes for Wikipedia?

Up until now, Wikipedia articles relating to Jews and Israel have been dominated by anti-Israel activists and self-hating Jews and their left wing friends.

Go to youtube and check out any video, no matter how mild, that even mentions Israel or the Jewish people.

You will find the comments section dominated by hateful, anti-Semitic garbage.

Well, why even go there?

Do the same with the NY Times or any other online media site and read the comments on an article on the Middle East, Israel or the Jews.

When Jews fight back we are viciously attacked.

When we don’t fight back we are viciously attacked.

I prefer to fight back.

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One Response to NY Times: Jews dominating Wikipedia?

  1. Suzi says:

    Keep up your good work. You are an asset to Israel.

    Suzi from Australia

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