Almost 70% Americans oppose 911 Mosque while US funds Imam trip.

This is the true face of Muslim compassion, in the Name of Allah.

Let’s do a poll on how many Americans would be pissed if they knew that the U.S. government’s was paying for the the Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf’s  Middle East tour. Yeah, right, he’s not fund raising for the mosque. Whose monitoring his meetings?

The Islamic supremacists contempt for the American people is grotesque and typical.

CNN Poll: 68% of American Voters Oppose Ground Zero Mosque Weekly Standard hat tip Dan F

CNN polls registered voters on the Ground Zero mosque:

As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand.  Do you favor or oppose this plan?

The response:

Favor 29%
Oppose 68%
No opinion 3%

So, according to the Center for American Progress, two out of every three voters are un-American bigots


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One Response to Almost 70% Americans oppose 911 Mosque while US funds Imam trip.

  1. Norman Kabak says:

    Your feature in today’s post panders to the crowd and is Yellow Jingo Journalism at its best.
    Rather than explain the fact that there is a desire to establish a community building catering to a specific group with whom you may or may not agree with politically, is no reason to shade or abandon the truth. The building, if permitted to be erected, would house a Mosque as part of the facility. It is the same thing as the 92nd Street YWHA having a Synagogue on its premises.

    N Kabak
    Wellington, NZ

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