Muslims force Colorado company to follow Islam. Feds agree.

Illegal immigrant Muslims threaten non-Muslim Americans who refuse to support them.

Greeley, Col.

A large meat packing plant here that employs hundreds of immigrant workers most of them not US citizens, has been disrupted as Somali Muslim workers rioted after the company told them it would not change the break times to accommodate their fasting schedules for the Muslim month of Ramadan.

They demanded that all workers, most of whom are not Muslim, accept the schedules so that the Muslims could observe Muslim law, sharia. The plant refused and told them that it would not adjust its business to support Islamic law.

The workers rampaged through the plant, attempting to destroy it, prevent other non-Muslim workers ( Christian Hispanics) from working, and threatened the management if it did not comply with their demands.

The Federal government intervened after the police were called, the workers fired and the company returned to peace.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the company and, using tax dollars, is working to force the company to comply with Islamic law.

—– My comment :

I hope they fight this.

There is absolutely no law that says that an employer must accommodate the religious beliefs of an employee.

They were not fired due to their beliefs. They were fired because they rampaged, made trouble, disrupted the workplace and refused to abide by company regulations.

I have an orthodox Jewish employee. She does not work on Saturday, her sabbath.

If I am open on Saturday and she refuses to work must I change my work schedule to accommodate her?

Of course not. To do so is to put every employer under the control of every religious group in the world.

This is so wrong.

Why accommodate Muslims when we do not do this for any other religion?


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2 Responses to Muslims force Colorado company to follow Islam. Feds agree.

  1. LPW2000 says:

    It seems almost like a separation of church and state issue, by way of the transitive property. The liberals are trying to get the state to intervene on behalf of the church and force the private sector to comply with religious doctrine. Freedom of religion seems to me the freedom to practice your faith. I don’t think it obligates anyone to support your doing it. He made no demands of others. I even find it disturbing that the Haredim shut down Israel on the sabbath even if secular Jews would rather not observe. Sandy Koufax elected not to pitch on Yom Kippur. Game 1 of the World Series. Simple.

  2. Norman Kabak says:

    While every employer must set standards for the company by making known what the rules and regulations are under terms of employment. It is common practice in the 21st century for employees to ask about specific requests that the employee has and how they might be dealt with. One might also suggest that for better employer/employee relations, some flexibility should be shown in regards to religious requirements. It is not a show of weakness on the part of the employer, but rather a display of recognition that the staff has many facets and that management would be negligent in not recognizing that fact.

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