End of Craig’s List adult services threatens clergy, political world.

Craig’s List, the popular on-line site for making connections has now decided to prevent its users from making obtaining adult services ( ie. sex) via its site.

Any user who attempts to access the adult section of the site will now find a large sign, CENSORED.

We at JDR are horrified, I repeat, horrified, at the ramifications this may have on those in our society who depend on such services for their very survival.

Take Bill Clinton. If he had had access to Craig’s List he obviously could have found someone a lot more attractive and, hopefully, discrete than Monica Lewinsky.

Another pol whose name comes to mind is Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York State. He was forced to travel to Washington, DC to pay far more for his piece of flesh than he would have had he had access to Craig’s List sexual equivalent of the Home Shopping Network.

Spitzer, who recently complained that he was now reduced to scanning the Rent a Whore (=attorney) columns of the National Law Journal, seems particularly vulnerable to this latest change in Craig’s List policy.

Then, of course, one must always provide equal time to the gentlemen of the cloth.

Numerous Catholic priests, ministers, rabbis and other spiritual pretenders and con artists, have long been faithful customers of the sexual demimonde. Now, unfortunately, they will once again be forced to rely on members of their own congregations for such extra-curricular activities.

HaShem y’rakhem!! May God have mercy on us.



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