“Jesus is the slave of Allah” cry Muslims.

Islam = hate.

If you utter one questioning word about Islam you will be branded a bigot, racist, and much worse.

However, the devout Muslim is free to hate all he wants ( no women allowed to speak, of course) and the media just smiles.

The last few days we have witnessed Muslim clerics announce that the Holocaust is a “superstition”, Christian refugees in Pakistan refused medical aid unless they convert to Islam, and Muslims compare themselves to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis ( and then, as above, in the next breath add that such persecution never took place and is a “superstition”).

The Western media is silent on all of this.

Their wrath is reserved for we who would question Muslim attempts to desecrate our war memorials ( Ground Zero mosque) and question their plans for domination.


Come join thousands of your fellow citizens to demonstrate in front of the Ground Zero mosque site.

Let the world know your feelings on this monument to Islam two blocks from the  911 mass murder site.

New York City: Saturday, September 11, 3 pm. Park Place, between Church St. and West Broadway.

No signs will be permitted. Bring American flags only.


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5 Responses to “Jesus is the slave of Allah” cry Muslims.

  1. giuseppe says:

    “Let the world know your feelings on this monument to Islam two blocks from the 911 mass murder site.”

    actually, its not a monument to islam, but more of a monument to religious tolerance. hence the board members being members of different religions.
    there are extremists on both sides my friend… we have our own terrorists here.
    unless of course you think bombing medical clinics is a “political action”.

  2. giuseppe says:

    also… bTW, those people with those signs were probably paid by some corporate media conglomerate to hold them up in front of the cameras in some orchestrated frenzy. Politics are fake my man. No reason to commit literary arson.
    this is the wrong country for that kind of thing and that action has NOTHING to do with the freedom of expression.

    Thats all…

  3. ELIE ESHMAN says:

    speaking the truth! thats all
    jesus was only a prophet of god, but a person such as jesus isnt god. There is only one Almighty god, no partners.

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