We weren’t flying those planes, sir!

Some especially memorable responses to a column in the NY Times by Kristof which accused anyone opposing the Ground Zero mosque of Islamophobia and bigotry.

Ryan Martinez, California wrote:

It’s so disheartening to hear people like Kristoff blather on and on about the need for Americans to be tolerant. We weren’t the ones who were flying those planes, sir.

America, for all its flaws, is a remarkably tolerant nation and from the looks of the people entering the King Fahd mosque down the block from me in Culver City, CA, one doubts the argument that Muslim Americans generally fear for their well being like Christians, Druze, and Jews in Muslim countries or even Jehovah’s Witnesses in Singapore. I don’t think it’s incumbent upon Americans to prove that they are tolerant people at this juncture in history; that task belongs primarily to the Muslims.

Besides, this issue concerns tolerance only tangentially. Just as it’s insensitive to place a German cultural center next to a Holocaust museum, so too is it an insensitive, provocative mind game on the part of the supporters of this proposed center to choose an area in the shadow of such destruction–destruction which parenthetically was done in the name of Islam whether you choose to accept that fact or not. Did they not know this would be controversial?

Mr. Kristoff reminds me of those people who lobby to get “In God We Trust” off of American coinage; I get their argument, but do they have to be so inflexibly puritanical about the whole issue? I don’t think our Bill of Rights is threatened by asking that the center be moved a few blocks away, so cool your jets already. And I swear if I hear Father Coughlin’s name invoked one more time, I’m gonna convert to Catholicism just to spite the editorial board of the NYT.

As for fear, fear isn’t always a bad thing Mr. Kristoff and just because some people are paranoid racists doesn’t mean this location is a good idea. Sometimes even the devil speaks the truth.


Keith Skillcom, Australia wrote:

Dear Mr, Kristof,

You forgot to quote many important passages in the Qur’an (Q) which relate to the Islamophobia that is presently gripping Western society, specially in these last few days before we “celebrate” the anniversary of “9 / 11”. We hear so many praises and criticisms about Islam but few proponents or opponents back up their adulations and curses by quoting solid “scripture” – the “holy” Qur’an and Hadith. One reason for this is that very few Muslims have read all the Qur’an and what they do read is considered “valid” only if in the original Arabic text. For this reason, many “moderate” Muslims cannot understand why Islam, the “Religion of Peace”, should be associated with “Terrorism”. They may not have read Qur’an Chapter 8:12 which states – “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels with the message ‘I am with you’. Give firmness to the Believers (Muslims) ; I will instil TERROR into the hearts of the Un-believers (Kafir / Infidels) . Smite ye them above their necks (decapitation) and smite off all their finger-tips”. And what about Q.2:191 – “And kill them (Kafir) wherever you find them.. “. Or Q. 2:193 – “And fight them (Kafir) until there is no more “Fitnah” (disbelief in Allah), Q.3:118 – “Oh you who believe, take not for your friends those outside your religion .. “. So much for true Muslims becoming loyal citizens of our infidel nations ! True Muslims, be they “Moderates” or violent “Jihadis”, believe that there are ony two types of people – those of Dar-ul-Salaam” (the house of peace who submit to Allah ) and those of “Dar ul-Harb” (the house of war – or Kafir / Infidels who have not been brought under “submission” and must be killed if they do not convert ) . Women are particularly vulnerable in Islam which is not really a religion at all but a political cult operating in the guise of a religion. How do women measure up in Islam ? They are inferior to males in status (Q.2:228, disadvantaged in terms of inheritance, Q.4:11, Court Testimony, Q.2:282, – and Personal Hygeine, Q.5:6. They can be dominated Q2:223, 24:31, sexually abused if slaves and beaten by the husband Q.4:34, 38:44 who can have up to 4 wives and 72 virgins to play around with in paradise. . Shariah Law is considered to be the only valid legal system. It is medieval, with barbaric punishments including public flogging, amputation of limbs, crucifixion and stoning to death. True Muslims do not acknowledge the “man-made” laws of infidel (non-Islamic nations) so cannot qualify to be true, loyal citizens of any Western, democratic society. I appeal to you to at least read ALL the Qur’an and Hadith before making a decision to accept or reject this monstrous political organisation which constitutes the gravest threat to civiization, democratic principles, free speech, human rights, and the dignity of women. Tragically, we are too late to reverse the Islamophobic trend. We have let in the Saudi-backed Trojan Horse and it is now our duty to prepare our daughters and grand-daughters to face the imposition of Sariah Law. It is now only a matter of time.


Bob of New York wrote:

No. Islamophilia is the new hysteria, not Islamophobia. Remarkably, there has not been a widespread backlash against Muslims in the U.S., despite 9/11 and all of other atrocities around the world. But building a mosque on the edge of Ground Zero is the name of tolerance is going more than a bit too far. New Yorkers are right to be offended. As the ADL said, it’s not about rights. It’s about doing what’s right. It is people like Nick Kristof who are so quick to excuse terrorism and to call others bigots who are the new hysterics.


Come join thousands of your fellow citizens to demonstrate in front of the Ground Zero mosque site.

Let the world know your feelings on this monument to Islam two blocks from the  911 mass murder site.

New York City: Saturday, September 11, 2pm. Park Place, between Church St. and West Broadway.

No signs will be permitted. Bring American flags only.


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2 Responses to We weren’t flying those planes, sir!

  1. LPW2000 says:

    Tolerance is not a virtue per se. Tolerate a friend’s alcoholism and you are an “enabler.” Tolerate crime and you are an aider or an abettor. Tolerate political movements toward fascism and you are an appeaser. Tolerate a culture that thinks flying planes into buildings is a good thing? You’re a schmuck.

  2. 72years says:

    Two infamous statements to appease tyranny, made almost exactly 72 years apart:

    “It is regrettable that a pastor in Gainesville, Florida, with a church of no more than 50 people can make this outrageous and distrustful, disgraceful plan and get the world’s attention.” – Hillary Clinton, September 2010

    “How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing. It seems still more impossible that a quarrel that has already been settled in principle should be the subject of war.” Neville Chamberlain – September 1938

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