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Israel prepares for war with Lebanon/Hizbollah terrorists.

Recently Hizbollah, the Iranian-financed proxy which terrorizes and  controls the no-man’s land of Southern Lebanon, has been making warlike noises. It is strongly suspected that Israel may once again be involved in a war with this group as it was … Continue reading

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Iran plans massive attack on Israel, America and UAE, says spy.

Former Revolutionary Guard member who relayed its secret operations to CIA for 10 years says Iran will commit ‘most horrendous suicide bombing in human history’ if not stopped. A former fighter in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) turned US spy … Continue reading

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New spy satellite launched by Israel.

Israel recently announced that it has launched its latest spy satellite, Ofek 9. The satellite is capable of greater resolution and detail than all such previous satellites. It will be spending much of its time over Iran. Palmachim air force … Continue reading

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Mossad chief fired.

Imagine if the head of the CIA came up for reappointment and was refused. Would this be news? You bet it would. You would hear it from CNN, NPR, the NY Times, etc. etc. Meir Dagan, whom we reported on … Continue reading

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