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Interview: We don’t hide who we are.

    This interview and picture ( from Avi) were taken from New Voices, a national Jewish student newspaper, which we suggest you check out for further information. Ben Sales is the author of the article as well as the … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart rips Rick Sanchez.

In his first reaction to the Rick Sanchez controversy, comedian Jon Stewart joked about the incident while hosting Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars” in New York on Saturday night. In talking about how people should donate for autism education, … Continue reading

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“Jesus is the slave of Allah” cry Muslims.

If you utter one questioning word about Islam you will be branded a bigot, racist, and much worse. However, the devout Muslim is free to hate all he wants ( no women allowed to speak, of course) and the media … Continue reading

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NY Times: Jews dominating Wikipedia?

The Lede, a NY Times column on the media, recently published an article which “exposed”  pro-Israel and pro-Jewish bloggers who received training in posting and monitoring the net. The training is done to combat the avalanche of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel … Continue reading

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Israel prepares for war with Lebanon/Hizbollah terrorists.

Recently Hizbollah, the Iranian-financed proxy which terrorizes and  controls the no-man’s land of Southern Lebanon, has been making warlike noises. It is strongly suspected that Israel may once again be involved in a war with this group as it was … Continue reading

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NY Times in collusion with anti-Israel groups?

The day before Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in the US to speak with President Obama, the NY Times rolled out a front page “expose” about the role of Christians and Jews in America and Canada who make donations to … Continue reading

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Pen-gate in Israel.

Watergate involved break-ins, coverups, major political shenanigans. Israel is now embroiled in pen-gate. Former Prime Minister Olmert apparently is an aficionado of pens. The head of the Israeli Psychoanalytic Society, Shirley Moskowitz, became quite animated when asked to discuss the … Continue reading

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