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Ground Zero mosque imam threatens America.

The NY Times is ratcheting up the vitriol on the Ground Zero mosque. Almost everyday for the last few weeks they have been printing articles denouncing anyone who opposes the monument to Islam which, at 15 stories, will be looming … Continue reading

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Islam only accepted religion.

Why beat around the bush? The Muslims do not tolerate anyone who disagrees with them. CAIR, an organization that pretends to reach out to us infidels, actually had their founder say the following: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal … Continue reading

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Kristof: Islamophobes are on the loose.

NY Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, wrote that the majority of Americans seem to be naively opposing the Ground Zero mosque. He says that we are well meaning but, basically, deluded. Only he and his media buddies know what is good … Continue reading

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