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UK Muslim schools mandate veil. Moderate Muslims protest.

Curiously the UK government has come out on the side of the extremist Muslims in the UK who are intimidating and forcing the more moderate members of their community to go whole hog, you should excuse the language, or be … Continue reading

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Fund manager wants to short Obama, China.

If he’s not Jewish he should be. Hugh Hendry has a big mouth, as Hugh Hendry will tell you. With a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, Mr. Hendry, a plain-spoken Scot, has positioned himself as the public contrarian thinker … Continue reading

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“We hate Israel”, five set free after they trash UK factory.

Five British criminals who broke into a factory and caused £180,000 worth of damage were not only found not guilty but actually praised by the judge after they announced that their crime was because they hate Israel. The five were … Continue reading

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UK Media loves to hate Israel. This is news??

Julie Burchill, a non-Jewish British journalist, has written a short but very cutting article on the addiction of the educated UK media for knocking Israel. Before Israel existed, they would attack Jews. Now, they no longer have to be so … Continue reading

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