Not that you asked but….

The Jewish Daily Report comes out of a profound sense of frustration.

I have lived in many parts of the world and understand many languages. I love to learn about different cultures and peoples.

The very limited reporting on Israel and the Jewish world that I find in the American and European press, leaves me frustrated.

The best stuff is left out, simply not reported.

The New York Times, which bills itself as the newspaper of record, regularly does this.

So does NPR, America’s public radio broadcasting system.

This site is a small voice in the night seeking to right this imbalance.

Every little bit helps.

Jewish Daily Report.


2 Responses to Not that you asked but….

  1. Norman Kabak says:

    Stumbled on your site by serendipity, following a Google lead.
    Nice site, had a similar idea some time ago, but lacked gumption
    or time, not sure which one.
    I may call on you to assist in a matter of shechita here in New Zealand.
    If you care to help publicize the problem for us beginning next week.

    Hoping to hear from you.

    Norman Kabak
    Wellington, NZ

  2. irene chafee says:

    I am a New Yorker that was very heartened to hear people of Jewish faith standing up against the building of the Mosque near the Twin Tower site

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