NY Times: Koran is word of God.

Here is my comment on the article of  Mr. Wright in which he writes that the Koran is a holy text deserving of respect.


Nice try, Mr. Wright, but no cigar.

The Koran can not be sanitized. It is what it is; a book written in Saudi Arabia in the seventh century. It did not exist in book form in 632 when Mohammad, its purported author died.

The Koran supports stoning of those who transgress its laws, sharia. Indeed, this is going on today in much of the Muslim world. It demands the death of homosexuals and this, too, is now carried out. Infidels ( non-Muslims) are to be forced to accept it and Islam, which is the Arabic word for submission ( Muslim = one who submits), or face death.

Bernard Lewis, the premier Orientalist around, has extensively written on Islam and the Koran. He unequivocally states that Islam sees itself as a sole faith; no others are to be permitted. As many of us who are interested in this topic have found when doing our research, it is Islam that has declared war on the unbeliever.

Professor Lewis writes that this is a war of civilizations.

For America and the West, this is a new type of conflict.

That was why it was so difficult for President Bush and his administration to figure out how to accurately identify the perpetrators of 911 as a nation. There was no nation that attacked us on that day. We were attacked by a civilization using an ideology, Islam, as its banner and call to war.

Islam and the Koran do not accept the ecumenical vision that you and your colleagues at the NY Times embrace.

It wants us to accept sharia, Muslim law, or die.

If they get their way, and thanks to journalists like you they may, you will no longer be writing.

The American people and much of the Europeans are way ahead of our leaders and self-appointed authorities in getting what is happening.


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2 Responses to NY Times: Koran is word of God.

  1. TaterSalad says:

    The Quran is nothing but a Big Lie and here is why:


  2. kcramone says:

    When I was in university (quite a few years ago) and studying eastern religions, (Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, islam,) One of the religions we studied was islam. We began with the qu’ran which was unlike any other “holy” book we had studied. What separated the qu’ran and islam from other beliefs, (it was almost immediately apparent,) this was hardly a religion, but a political idealogy, cloaked in the guise of faith. It proprogated hatred, intolerance, violence, deception, demeaned women, and was conveniently given to mohammed by God as he tried to unite the warring tribes of his time. Even then, I found this book and the philosophy it promoted repugnant. It was incomparable to any other holy books we had studied. I remember having many colorful and passionate arguments with my professor. As the years passed, I watched islam poisoning the world everywhere it was practised. Where islam goes, violence follows. The qu’ran is based on a “god” of hate. As a young person, I was correct in my estimation and certainly nothing that has happened in the last thirty years has changed my mind. It only strengthened my original impressions of the qu’ran and islam.

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