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NY Times Op-Ed. Ground Zero Mosque leader distorts Hebrew word Shalom.

The NY Times today has given over part of its op-ed area to an essay by Imam Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero mosque. He says one thing which, as a specialist in the Hebrew language, I feel competent … Continue reading

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The power of the Sabbath.

Thousands of years ago and even today in many places, people and their animals worked everyday. In much of the world, many businesses are open everyday and people use the weekends to shop and do business of various kinds. However, … Continue reading

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50% Russian Jews in Israel leave.

What is it with a country like Israel that it cannot get people to stay unless they are well-connected ( ie. second, third generation Israelis), have independent wealth ( wealthy Westerners, mainly American Jews) who retire there and are self-sufficient, … Continue reading

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Israel to older immigrants: No work!!

The Jewish state constantly says that it wants Jews to immigrate and settle down. But if you are an older immigrant don’t expect to get a decent job. This seems to be the consensus of recent interviews with older, highly qualified … Continue reading

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3,400 year old letter found in Jerusalem.

Archaeologists working in Jerusalem have uncovered the most ancient written document ever found in the city – a fragment of a letter thought to date back to the 14th century BCE. The letter was engraved in clay using the Akkadian … Continue reading

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Hasidic Sex Symbol: Punk Jews

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Hasidic sex symbols. Several year ago, still sporting payess and a more-or-less Chasidic appearance, I met a girl in Greenwich village who stopped me on McDougal Street to tell me, “I think Hasidic … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s son wins Bible competition.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Avner, won the Jerusalem District “Chidon HaTanach”, (Bible Contest) the other day. “Avner is the latest in a long family line to win recognition for Bible knowledge. His mother Sarah’s three brothers have scored high … Continue reading

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