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Orthodox rabbis urge acceptance of gays.

(JTA) — Dozens of Orthodox rabbis have signed a statement of principles calling for the acceptance of homosexuals in the Orthodox community. The statement, signed by rabbis in the United States and Israel, was released on July 29, the same day … Continue reading

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Israel prepares for war with Lebanon/Hizbollah terrorists.

Recently Hizbollah, the Iranian-financed proxy which terrorizes and  controls the no-man’s land of Southern Lebanon, has been making warlike noises. It is strongly suspected that Israel may once again be involved in a war with this group as it was … Continue reading

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Hasidic Sex Symbol: Punk Jews

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Hasidic sex symbols. Several year ago, still sporting payess and a more-or-less Chasidic appearance, I met a girl in Greenwich village who stopped me on McDougal Street to tell me, “I think Hasidic … Continue reading

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Orthodox rabbi ordains woman; Major protests follow.

It definitely is a first in Jewish history. The first orthodox woman rabbi. And she earned it in a way that no man ever has done. She went through all the rabbinical training for three years at Manhattan’s Drisha Institute. … Continue reading

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Canada’s Muslim merchant of hate.

Over the past three years, Salman Hossain has openly called for terrorist attacks in Canada, cheered the killing of Canadian troops in Afghanistan and urged fellow Muslims to “exterminate” Canada’s Jewish population. Other than that, he’s a nice guy. . … Continue reading

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NY Times in collusion with anti-Israel groups?

The day before Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu landed in the US to speak with President Obama, the NY Times rolled out a front page “expose” about the role of Christians and Jews in America and Canada who make donations to … Continue reading

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Hamas: Flotilla worth more than 10,000 rockets.

To underscore the value of the flotillas launched against Israel, the terrorist organization, Aziz Dweik, a leading Hamas lawmaker in the West Bank. said “The Gaza flotilla has done more for Gaza than 10,000 rockets.” Officials from Hamas, the militant … Continue reading

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