Escape from Islam forbidden by law. Cult coerces members.

Mohammad raped a 9 year old and so will this child bride be Islamically raped.

Like the Roach Motel ad.

They come in but can never leave.

If Islam is so great, why are they so terrified when someone wants to leave?


A few excerpts from the the International Religious Freedom Reports for 2009:

“…the General Election Committee has adopted a policy barring all non-Muslims from running for Parliament…”

“Citizens who convert from Islam to the Baha’i faith face risk of persecution, similar to that of Christian converts, up to and including the death penalty…”

“…the Government prohibits conversion from Islam…The Government freely allows conversion to Islam…”

“Ordinance 06-03, which entered into effect in September 2006 and has been enforced since February 2008, limits the practice of non-Muslim religions…”

“Proselytizing for any religion except Islam is illegal…”

“Article 156 of the Criminal Code makes spreading hatred, heresy, and blasphemy punishable by up to five years in prison. Although the law applies to all officially recognized religions, the few cases in which it has been enforced have almost always involved blasphemy and heresy against Islam…”

“All citizens, including the normally immune Members of Parliament, may be prosecuted on charges of expressing opinions alleged to be injurious to Islam. The law prohibits the distribution of non-Muslim religious materials…”

“…Any attempt to induce a Muslim to convert is illegal… ”

“…A 2002 law restricting media freedom states that expression deemed critical of “Islam, the institution of the monarchy, or territorial integrity” is not permitted and may be punishable by imprisonment…”

“In [January 2008] …the [Cairo Administrative] court wrote that principles of Islamic law forbid Muslims from converting away from Islam…”

“…The approval process for church construction continued to be hindered by lengthy delays, often measured in years,…”

“…the Government’s interpretation of Shari’a…dictates “no jurisdiction of a non-Muslim over a Muslim…”

“…the Government discriminates against non-Muslims…”

“…On December 13, 2008, airport security officials arrested a convert from Islam to Christianity…The convert subsequently told U.S. officials that state security officials raped her multiple times and subjected her to other physical and mental abuse…to pressure her to revert to Islam…”

“…A male convert from Islam to Christianity told U.S. officials that agents of State Security had detained him on multiple occasions over several years, including during the reporting period. The convert stated that authorities had subjected him to severe physical and mental abuse; he said the officers called him an apostate (murtadd), told him he was suffering as a result of his conversion, and pressured him to revert to Islam. The convert stated that during the reporting period state security officers beat his wife on the abdomen while she was pregnant, causing her to hemorrhage. He also showed officials scars purportedly inflicted by governmental interrogators in previous years, including long scars on his back and sides and numerous deep, circular scars on his shoulder, reportedly caused by state security officers holding burning cigarettes against his flesh for long periods of time….”

“…Muslim convert [to Christianity] Muhammad al-Higazy remained out of public view throughout the year, reportedly fearing for his personal security following public death threats he received from his family and societal elements when he sued the Government in 2007 to acknowledge his conversion by issuing him identity documents that list his religion as Christianity.”

“Maher Al-Gohary, another convert to Christianity who sued for the same right during the reporting period, also claims to live in hiding and has stated that he and his daughter have also received death threats.”

“A female convert to Christianity who reported that she was severely abused while in state security detention fled when she was released on bail pursuant to official allegations that she procured a counterfeit identity document listing her religion as Christianity. She remained in hiding at the end of the reporting period, fearing abuse from her family and government forces….”

“…As of the close of the reporting period, the Government had not prosecuted any of the Bedouin villagers who assaulted the Abu Fana [Christian] monastery in May 2008, and those who concurrently kidnapped, physically abused, and reportedly attempted forcefully to convert several [Christian] monks …”

“…Freedom of speech is constitutionally, ‘subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam.’ …”

“…Law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody. Security forces and other government agencies did not adequately prevent or address societal abuse against minorities. Discriminatory legislation and the Government’s failure to take action against societal forces hostile to those who practice a different religious belief fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities… ”

“…religious minorities are legally restricted from public display of certain religious images…”

“…The consequences for contravening the country’s blasphemy laws are death for defiling Islam or its prophets; life imprisonment for defiling, damaging, or desecrating the Qur’an; and 10 years’ imprisonment for insulting another’s religious feelings…”

“…Some individuals bring charges under these laws to settle personal scores or to intimidate vulnerable Muslims, sectarian opponents, and religious minorities… ”

“…The Ministry of Religious Affairs…has on its masthead a Qur’anic verse: ‘Islam is the only religion acceptable to God…’ ”

“…Authorities routinely used blasphemy laws to harass religious minorities and vulnerable Muslims and to settle personal scores or business rivalries… ”

“…Mobs occasionally attacked individuals accused of blasphemy and their families or their religious communities. When blasphemy and other religious cases were brought to court, extremists often packed the courtroom and made public threats against an acquittal. Religious extremists continued to threaten to kill those acquitted of blasphemy charges. High-profile accused persons often went into hiding or emigrated after acquittal…”

“…In September 2008 a former federal minister and host of a popular religious television show declared on air that killing Ahmadis was the ‘Islamic duty of devout Muslims;’ at least two Ahmadis were killed in Sindh within 48 hours of this declaration…At the end of the reporting period, the the government continued to stall investigation into the deaths…”

“…Violence against and harassment of Christians continued during the reporting period…”

“…In April 2009, at a district court in Nankana Sahib, Punjab, police cleared three men accused of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eyewitness accounts and medical evidence… ”

“…A March 2009 attack on a church and the surrounding neighborhood in Sangu-Wali, a village in Gujranwala, Punjab, left a woman dead. The attack was believed to be prompted after a Christian filed a robbery complaint against a local Muslim who, along with his friends, indiscriminately preyed on the community…”

“…Hindus faced societal violence, often directed at temples, during the reporting period…”

“The 1991 Constitution defines the country as an Islamic republic and recognizes Islam as the religion of its citizens and the state. The Government prohibits the printing and distribution of non-Islamic religious materials and proselytizing by non-Muslims…”

“…Shari’a provides legal principles upon which the law and legal procedures are based…”

“…NGOs must agree to refrain from proselytizing or otherwise promoting any religion other than Islam. …

“…In awarding an indemnity to the family of a woman who has been killed, the courts grant only half the amount that they would award for a man’s death. …”

“On June 17, 2009, there were clashes between Christians and Muslims north of Suleja, Niger State, after police released a man accused of stealing a cell phone from a Muslim man in the village of Gauraka. A local pastor reportedly spoke provocatively about the Muslim man who had reported the theft to police. Muslims responded by attacking Christians, resulting in the pastor’s death. Authorities responded to the spreading violence by closing schools and increasing security in the area…”

“On April 20, 2009, unverified reports claimed that Muslim rioters in Kano attacked Christians and burned cars in response to a Christian who allegedly wrote on a shop wall mocking the Prophet Muhammad…”

“On April 13, 2009, Muslims in Gwada, Niger State, reportedly burned down three churches, damaged property, and injured at least 20 Christians during an Easter procession. Press reports said riot police arrested 88 suspects. The violence spread to Minna, where Muslim youths allegedly injured five Christian youths, damaged several vehicles, and attempted to burn down the First Baptist Church. Police arrested approximately 20 suspects…”

“On February 20, 2009, a conflict over parking at a church in Bauchi before weekly Juma’at prayers at a nearby mosque sparked violence between Christians and Muslims. The violence, perpetrated principally by [Muslim] Hausa-Fulani “Sara Suka” groups (a Hausa term meaning those who slash and cut, referring to violent gangs of young men), resulted in at least 11 deaths, 100 persons injured, and 4,500 persons displaced. Rioters burned at least 200 properties, six churches, three mosques, and numerous vehicles; the Red Cross estimated that 85 percent of the damage was to Christian homes and businesses. The state government imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew as military troops regained control of the city. Although police arrested several “Sara Suka” men following the violence, there were reports that virtually all were released at the behest of local politicians who occasionally employ them…”

“On August 31, 2008, Muslims reportedly burned Christ Apostolic Church in Ilorin, Kwara State, in protest over the church’s location 500 yards from a mosque. The church’s pastor reported that the arson followed June 2008 vandalism of the church’s sanctuary. In September the chief of police said the incident was under investigation…”

“On August 14, 2008, Muslims in Ilorin, Kwara State, allegedly killed at least three Christians and attacked others because they believed Christian prayers caused the death of a local Muslim leader. In September the chief of police said that the incident was under investigation.”


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