Muslim rule in Hartford, Conn.

Hartford Seminary sponsors Obama Muslim policy lecture.

Good to know that the Muslim bullies have had a setback in Connecticut.

The local city  council head had announced that the council meetings would begin with a Muslim prayer from an imam. The purpose was to show how broad minded the locals are. Instead of no prayer or a Judeo-Christian prayer there would now be a Muslim prayer with quotes from the Book of Peace and Harmony, the Holy Quran.

After being indundated with complaints the council reversed course. Now the local CAIR ( Council for American-Islamic Relations) is crying discrimination.


I regularly travel via Hartford on my way to another destination. For several years now all the cabbies who picked me up were Muslims. I regularly listened to them condemn America and, in one case, the Jews.

This particular cab driver told me that the Jews were taking over the world.

I didn’t tell him that I am Jewish.

Before I left the cab at the airport I told him to be careful. ” The Jews are crafty; they could be anywhere, even hiding in your cab, man!!”

He thanked me for the warning.

He agreed, gotta watch our for those Jews!!

One cabbie, a Jamaican Christian, told me that the airport provides the cabbies with a room for rest, relaxation and prayer. The Christians put up a cross and had a Bible there. The Muslims gradually took over the room and, finally, removed the Christian cross and Bible saying they found it offensive.

When the Christian cabbies protested, they were told to shut up and mind their own business.

The same cabbie told me that on 911, the Muslims celebrated their victory in New York and against the Great Satan.

Welcome to America.


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