If you want respect, then show some respect.

Islam is Arabic for submission.

Charles Blow wrote a column in the 11 September issue of the NY Times in which he said that the mosque must be built near the 911 site as a lesson of our tolerance of Islam.

Here is my comment.

Nice sentiments, Mr. Blow, but I disagree with your opinion that having a mosque within sight of Ground Zero, the site of our NY Pearl Harbor, somehow furthers religious freedom.

The mosque is a symbol.

It is not a coincidence that it is being built near the place where 3,000 Americans were killed in the name of Islam.

It is not a coincidence that it is named Cordoba House, the name of the city in Spain where the Muslims tore down the largest church and built a mosque to show their domination of the infidel Christians.

Islam in Arabic means submission. They believe that everyone must submit to Islam. That is a central message of the Koran. That is why only this religion amongst all religions orders anyone who leaves it to be killed. That is why stoning is taking place in the name of Allah; not a single word of this book written in the seventh century may be questioned.

By anyone, Mr. Blow.

No one may question the Koran without being attacked. First we are to be warned. Then we are to be physically harmed. That is the way of submission.

This is an issue of sensitivity, not freedom of religion.

Daily we are hearing from Muslims that we, the ones who were attacked, are insensitive to their needs.

If they want us to be sensitive to their needs then we respectfully request them to be sensitive to our needs.

But they will never move this mosque.

That, too, is forbidden in Islam. Once a mosque has been established, even on paper, it is forbidden to move it.

This is an ideology that is as inflexible as any that has ever existed.

There is no room for questioning or disagreement.

It is either their way or no way.

Do not pollute Ground Zero with the shadow of those who committed this crime in the name of their ideology.

We are experiencing a clash of civilizations as the great scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, so eloquently explains it.

If we do not realize this, we will no longer have any of the ideals left to enjoy that you write about.

For me, Mr. Blow, that is a central lesson of 911.


Come join thousands of your fellow citizens to demonstrate in front of the Ground Zero mosque site.

Let the world know your feelings on this monument to Islam two blocks from the  911 mass murder site.

New York City: Saturday, September 11, 3 pm. Park Place, between Church St. and West Broadway.

No signs will be permitted. Bring American flags only.


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