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End of Craig’s List adult services threatens clergy, political world.

Craig’s List, the popular on-line site for making connections has now decided to prevent its users from making obtaining adult services ( ie. sex) via its site. Any user who attempts to access the adult section of the site will … Continue reading

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My son, the toilet paper king.

Marc Polish is a self-proclaimed “idea machine.” An entrepreneur by every definition of the word, he has built numerous businesses over his life, from hot dog stands to humorous T-shirt companies to a designer toilet paper business. So when Newark … Continue reading

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Pen-gate in Israel.

Watergate involved break-ins, coverups, major political shenanigans. Israel is now embroiled in pen-gate. Former Prime Minister Olmert apparently is an aficionado of pens. The head of the Israeli Psychoanalytic Society, Shirley Moskowitz, became quite animated when asked to discuss the … Continue reading

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Israel corners world vuvuzela market.

“My son, the vuvuzela king,” says Sonia Barber, mother of Oren Barber, the new reigning huckster of the most ear-splitting noise maker around. “I always knew that he would do something with his miserable life. But this? And he never … Continue reading

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