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Obama: How can we call Islam offensive???

Today in his press conference, Obama, whose poll numbers are going down the toilet, who is discovering that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to a Muslim victory mosque at Ground Zero, and who is quaking with fear that … Continue reading

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Lebanon to US:If we can’t attack Israel, we don’t want your filthy money!

Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said Wednesday he would reject any U.S. military assistance to Lebanon’s army if it comes with conditions that the weapons not be used against Israel. Murr was commenting Wednesday on a decision by U.S. lawmakers to … Continue reading

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Israel prepares for war with Lebanon/Hizbollah terrorists.

Recently Hizbollah, the Iranian-financed proxy which terrorizes and  controls the no-man’s land of Southern Lebanon, has been making warlike noises. It is strongly suspected that Israel may once again be involved in a war with this group as it was … Continue reading

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Palestinian head laments death of Munich massacre chief.

The man whom the world is calling on Israel to negotiate with,Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, just announced that he sent a letter to the family of the man who killed 11 Israeli athletes in the 1972 World Olympics in … Continue reading

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Jewish plan to murder Hitler revealed.

(JTA) — Revisionist Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky reportedly had devised a scheme to kill Hitler and a number of high-ranking officials. In a special report, Ynet wrote that according to British Col. Richard Henry Meinertzhagen’s diary, “Middle East Diary, 1917-1956,” … Continue reading

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“Muslim soldiers must kill US kids,” NY bomber tells judge.

One thing you have to give Faisal Shazad, the recently caught Pakistani who left a car with explosives in New York’s Time Square, he is quite open about killing infidels. His motto is, “Killing an infidel a day keeps my … Continue reading

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Iran plans massive attack on Israel, America and UAE, says spy.

Former Revolutionary Guard member who relayed its secret operations to CIA for 10 years says Iran will commit ‘most horrendous suicide bombing in human history’ if not stopped. A former fighter in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) turned US spy … Continue reading

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